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How to use ice molds

In most cases, people use ice forms for Freezing of water, Then add the cubes to the drinks to cool them. But forms can be used not only for their intended purpose.

The ice mold is really versatile andIs useful not only in the kitchen. We suggest that you learn about 12 interesting ideas for applying this useful thing. Include your imagination, because such ways for practical use can come up with much more.

How to use ice molds

  1. Freeze the herbs in olive oil for cooking your favorite dishes.
  2. Herbs in oil

  3. Prepare a delicious cold drink with a shape for ice, coffee and milk.
  4. Cold drink

  5. Strawberry with chocolate - An unearthly pleasure. Before cooking, grease the shape with oil, and then pour in hot chocolate. Do not forget to put strawberries.
  6. Strawberry with chocolate

  7. Make a delicious mini jelly with blueberries.
  8. Mini jelly with blueberries

  9. Appetizing dessert from peanut butter.
  10. Peanut butter dessert

  11. The remains of the wine can be frozen to add to the future in various dishes and drinks.
  12. wine

  13. Portioned cubes with pesto sauce.
  14. Cubes with pesto sauce

  15. Chocolate sweets with curd filling. Mmm, your fingers lick!
  16. Sweets with curd filling

  17. The prepared tomato paste can be stored in ice molds.
  18. Tomato paste

  19. A convenient thing for storing small things.
  20. Storage of small things

  21. Use practical forms like Pots for seedlings.
  22. Pots for seedlings

  23. Unusual candles are also convenient to make in original molds.
  24. Unusual candles

Use ice molds to realize your ideas. Also do not forget that in the forms you can make cosmetic ice for beauty, which will give your skin softness and velvety.

Share these ideas with the use of ice forms with your friends!