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18 hairstyles for every day

Women at any age want to look atAll one hundred, and because they spend a lot of time and energy to make themselves in order every day. You need to pick up your wardrobe every day, make up your hair and make up your hair.

But to bring your hair in order, just 10 minutes a day! "so simple!" Today will prove it to you. Our editorial team has prepared for you 18 simple hairstyles for every day that can be done without much effort in a matter of minutes.

Everyday hairstyles

  1. Braided beam
  2. Braided beam

    Braided beam

    Braided beam

  3. Flower of spit
  4. Flower of spit

    Flower of spit

  5. Crown of curls
  6. Crown of curls

    Crown of curls

    Crown of curls

  7. Swirl and kill
  8. Hairstyle for curls

    Hairstyle for curls

  9. Unusual tail
  10. Unusual tail

  11. The original solution for curly hair
  12. Hairstyle for curly hair

    Hairstyle for curly hair

  13. Braided half-tail
  14. Half-tail


  15. Tail and scythe
  16. Tail and scythe

    Tail and scythe

  17. Beautiful Hairstyle for short hair
  18. Hairstyle for short hair

    Hairstyle for short hair

  19. Spit on one side
  20. Spit on one side

    Spit on one side

    Spit on one side

  21. Free spit
  22. Free spit

    Free spit

  23. Half French twist
  24. French twist

    French twist

    French twist

    French twist

  25. Samurai beam
  26. Samurai beam

  27. Cross hairstyle
  28. Samurai beam

    Samurai beam

  29. "Basket" of hair
  30. Original hairstyle

    Original hairstyle

  31. Original tail
  32. Original tail

    Original tail

  33. Triple plait on the side
  34. Triple plait on the side

    Triple plait on the side

  35. Iroquois
  36. Iroquois

These hairstyles look very neat and fitPractically for any length and type of hair. No matter if your hair is curly or straight, take these hairstyles for yourself, to always look great!

Help your girlfriends learn how to bring their hair in order in just 10 minutes!