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Tips for moving

To meet a person who likes to move is a big rarity. And it's not even that all people are afraid of change. Process of folding and Transportation of things - Heaven! And then they have to be unpacked ...

fear Before changing the place of residence Makes many stay in the unloved, but alreadyHabitable dwellings. But sometimes moving is inevitable. How to cope with this difficult task with the least effort? After reading these tips, you will see that the move is not so terrible!

Tips for moving

  1. Cut out holes in cardboard boxes, making pens. Use a writing knife for this purpose. So wearing boxes is much more convenient!
  2. How to wear boxes

  3. Handles of boxes in the lockers should be screwed inside, then they will survive during the move.
  4. Cabinet Handles

  5. Improvised handles for boxes can be made from scotch tape.
  6. Handles for scotch lockers

  7. Wrap the lockers with food film - the drawers will not slide out during the transfer.
  8. Film-wrapped cabinet

  9. It's a good idea to take a photo on a smartphone, which is where it connects. Priceless crib!
  10. Photo of wires

  11. You have to take pictures of counters! Or at least record the indicators. Because you do not want to pay money for others?
  12. Meters counters

  13. Screws from furniture lay out in separate bags to avoid confusion. Do not forget to sign them!
  14. Screw in bags

  15. On the boxes make notes - for what room which box is intended. You can do this with labels of different colors.
  16. Multi-colored circles

  17. Pack the clothes together with the hanger. Garbage bags can be used as covers. Transport the closet with the clothes inside - top-level lifestyle.
    How to transport clothes

  18. Dishes and other fragile items must be wrapped in paper or towels before packing.
  19. Transportation of fragile items

  20. A great idea - to shift the plates with plastic plates. Just do not break!
  21. Dishes in the box

Items that you need in a new place in the first place, put it in a separate box. Watch a video about how to move!

Relocation - symbolic Step into a new life. Do not give in to the temptation to transport trash from one place to another, throw away unnecessary objects without a twinge of conscience! The cult of things is becoming obsolete, it's time to stop accumulating.

Let these tips help you when moving in and will make your fate a little easier. Tell your friends about how modern people move!