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15 kitchen lifes

Women in the kitchen spend a lot of time, andSo they are constantly trying to come up with a variety of tricks that would help them save their time, money and energy for cooking a variety of dishes.

"so simple!" Made for you another collection of small lifhak, which will certainly be useful in the kitchen. They relate to everything from food storage to the use of food residues. MOTHER AT UUS!

Kitchen lifes

  1. So that the pineapple ripens faster, keep it upside down.
  2. a pineapple

  3. If you wrap the celery with foil, you can use it for a month. You can also store broccoli.
  4. celery

  5. Cut the cheese along with the packaging and do not throw it away, but use it as a cover for the remaining cheese.
  6. cheese

  7. Ginger is very convenient to clean with a teaspoon.
  8. ginger

  9. So that the cut cake is not stale, attach a piece of bread with toothpicks to the cutting site.
  10. cake

  11. In the bank there is a little mayonnaise? Add to it a little vinegar, olive oil and spices. So you will get a tasty salad dressing and at the same time wipe off the jar.
  12. mayonnaise

  13. If you moisten fresh berries in a weak vinegar solution, they will not become moldy.
  14. Berries

  15. Pour into the jar with the remnants of the nutella cream hot milk, as follows, shake - and get hot chocolate!
  16. Nutella

  17. Mango can be cleaned with a normal glass.
  18. mango

  19. So that it was convenient to take walnut oil from a can, store it upside down.
  20. peanut butter

  21. Before removing the lettuce in the refrigerator, hide it in a paper bag. And in no case do not break off the listless leaves. So the core will stay fresh longer.
  22. Lettuce

  23. Dried chips And crackers can be freshened by placing them in a microwave (or oven) for a few minutes.
  24. chips

  25. In the same oven, you can speed up the process of ripening bananas.
  26. Bananas

  27. Warm up the pizza in the pan.
  28. pizza

  29. Keep apples and potatoes together. The ethylene contained in apples will not allow the potatoes to sprout.
  30. Apples and potatoes

Enjoy these lifhakas always. So you can store food for much longer and save a lot of money every month!