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Secrets of purity

Nobody likes to live in a dirty house, but not everyone likes to clean it. These regular wars with dust and debris tire. But today the editors of the site "so simple!" Has prepared for you a few tips that will help ease your fate on this front.

We collected Secrets of Housewives. They will make your home cleaner and more beautiful without additional effort on your part. No, of course, you still have to work, but you will definitely spend less energy. Forward, towards cleanliness!

Secrets of purity

  1. Blender cleaning
    Fill the blender with clean water, add a little dish detergent, close the lid and turn it on. Now wash with water and ready!
  2. Blender cleaning

  3. Traces of lipstick
    Lipstick from clothes can be removed with the help of hairspray. Spray it on the stain, wait 10 minutes, pat the place with a damp sponge and wash as usual.
  4. Traces of lipstick

  5. kitchen stove
    Against stains on the stove will help vegetable oil. On a paper napkin, drip a little oil and wipe the plate.
  6. Cleaning the cooker

  7. Pieces of glass
    Treat the bread with respect. But pieces of glass can cause great harm. If you broke something glassy, ​​then you need to cut off some white bread and wipe away the places where the shards can remain. He will collect everything, even the smallest. Then see to it that none of your household eaten the bread.
  8. Glass fragments

  9. Cleaning the couch
    A little alcohol is poured into a spray and sprayed over the sofa. Then rub it with a clean sponge and walk around with a brush. Ready!
  10. Cleaning the couch

  11. Shower Sprayer
    Stains from hard water can be removed as follows: type vinegar into the package, tie around the nebulizer and leave for the night. In the morning take off the package and wash the nebulizer.
  12. Shower Sprayer

  13. Grill grill
    Grill the hot grill grate with the onions cut in half. Except cleaning the grill, you will also get delicious meat.
  14. Grill grill

  15. Animal fur
    To collect the fur of pets, you need to walk on the carpet with a brush for washing windows or with a hand in a rubber glove.
  16. How to remove animal hair

  17. Wet shoes
    To dry wet shoes or gloves, doubt a few newspapers and shove it inside. Also you can use a bag of dry rice. Naturally, you do not have to cook it.
  18. Wet shoes

  19. Ventilation grid
    In order to clean out hard-to-reach places in the ventilation grilles, use the oil knife. On its tip put a cloth moistened with a detergent, and clean the dirt from all the cracks.
  20. ventilation

  21. Dirty frying pan
    Pour a little water and a glass of vinegar into the frying pan. The resulting mixture should be slightly boiled. Now add 2 tbsp. L. Baking soda. After that, everything must be poured and cleaned. Getting rid of stains will be much easier.
  22. How to clean a frying pan

  23. Silver cleaning
    A baking dish or a large dishAluminum foil, a mound of half a glass of baking soda and as much salt. Fill the form with warm water and put silver products there. Wait half an hour and rinse the silver with clean water.
  24. How to clean silver

I personally will now treat myself to cleaning with more love or at least with less hatred. I wish the same to you and your friends, with whom you will certainly share this material.