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Face lift

Alternative to expensive lifting proceduresSkin of the face exists! Salon methods correct the problem immediately, because they are so tempting, but there is another way. This special charging requires strength and time, the effect is not immediately visible, but nevertheless it is!

Salvation for all who dream of a clear oval face and elastic skin - classes at home. Simple movements will help to resume Skin turgor, Reduce the number of wrinkles on the face, make the sagging zones invisible. Is this not a dream?

The sooner begin to perform a similar complex, the better - it will suit even young girls who care about themselves. Start the exercises with a smile on your face!

Face lift

  1. An exercise that will strengthen the muscles of the neck and relieve the double chin. With your chin on your chin, stick out your tongue. Stay in this position for 3 seconds. Repeat this 15 times.
  2. Exercises for the face

  3. Exercise to reduce wrinkles in the neck. Slowly turn your neck as far as possible to the right. Stay in this position for 5 seconds.

    Do the same in the other direction. A few repetitions of these movements per day will help you regain the tone of the delicate skin in the neck, reduce deep wrinkles.

  4. Exercises for the face

  5. Improvement of blood circulation and skin condition. Clench your teeth and the lower lip of your lower lip. Put your fingers along the cheekbones, the little fingers should be near the corners of the mouth.

    Just touch the skin with your fingers, do not push on it. Stick your lip as far as possible, feeling the tension of the facial muscles.

  6. Exercises for the face

  7. Correction of the shape of the neck. Turn your head to the right, lift your chin. Open your mouth, feel the tension in the muscles of the neck and chin. Repeat the same in the other direction.
  8. Exercises for the face

  9. Strengthening the muscles of the neck. Lie down on the floor, tear your head and shoulders 2 cm from the floor. Turn your head then to the left, then to the right - 20 times in each direction.
  10. Exercises for the face

  11. Improvement of Chin forms. Slightly protruding the lower lip, leaving the corners of the mouth still. Strain the muscles of the chin and neck. At the maximum stress point, hold for 5 seconds, then relax.
  12. Exercises for the face

  13. work on Oval face. Wrap your lower lip in your mouth and put it on the lowerteeth. The corners of the lips pull inward. Press the upper lip to the teeth. The upper phalanx of the index finger is attached to the dimple on the chin and press the skin lightly.

    Slowly open and close your mouth. Gradually push your jaw forward, throwing your head back with each movement of the jaws. When the chin will look up, stay in this position for 10 seconds.

  14. Exercises for the face

  15. Strengthening the lower part of the cheeks and neck. Put your palms to your cheeks, open your mouth in a half-smile. Feel the tension in the muscles of the cheeks.

    Then stick out your tongue, trying to reach the chin with the tip of the tongue. Hold in the point of maximum voltage for 5 seconds.

  16. Exercises for the face

This charge miraculously Relieves fatigue With the muscles of the face, refreshes the skin color. Try to do it at least 3 days in a row, and the result will be already there! Besides, you can always do exercises in front of a mirror and have a lot of fun, watching your reflection. This is a complex that definitely will not let you get bored.

You will look younger, because elastic skin means so much! Let the girlfriends not suspect you of going to a plastic surgeon - share with them this useful article!