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Non-traditional use of vodka

Many have come to regard vodka as evil, for it has destroyed so many people. However, this alcoholic drink can not only be drunk, but also used for useful purposes.

Vodka has medicinal properties, and can also beUsed in the household, which many do not even guess. We suggest that you learn about the 13 most interesting ways of applying this fire drink.

Application of vodka

  1. Jewelry cleaning
    Vodka perfectly cleans jewelry with precious stones. Wet a rag with vodka and just wipe the product.
    Jewelry cleaning
  2. Removing stains from dark things
    Vodka with a small amount of water and rub the stain. After a while you will notice how it disappears before our eyes.
    black dress
  3. Quality control of honey
    Heat a teaspoon of honey and dissolve it in vodka. If honey is natural, then it will completely dissolve, if the quality leaves much to be desired, then the drink will become cloudy or a precipitate will appear.
    A spoonful of honey
  4. Improvement of smell from the mouth
    Vodka will help you improve your breathing. Mix it with a few drops of mint oil, or cinnamon, or tea tree and give the mixture two weeks. After the rinse with this solution the mouth, and you will have fresh breath.
    smell from the mouth
  5. Extend life to cut flowers
    Cut flowers will stay fresh longer if you add a couple drops of vodka and 1 tsp. Sugar to the water in which they stand. Do not forget to change the water every day and do the same.
    Cut flowers
  6. Glass clearing without stains
    Spring is the time to clean the windows in the house! Add water to vodka (1 part for 10 parts of water) and rub this glass cleaner. The result will pleasantly surprise you!
    Cleaning of glasses
  7. Removal of sticking plaster
    To remove painless plaster from the skin, you can impregnate its surface with a small amount of vodka. Also this tool will help remove sticky stickers from different surfaces.
    Removal of sticking plaster
  8. Disposal of unpleasant smell of feet
    Vodka fights with the unpleasant odor of the feet, caused by bacteria that live near the sweat glands. Rubbing your feet with vodka in the morning and evening, you will get rid of unwanted bacteria.
    Cat and shoes
  9. Prolonging the life of a razor
    Vodka extends the life of a safety razor. For this after shaving put the blade for an hour in a glass of vodka, then it will not rust and will last longer. Vodka also disinfects the blades well.
  10. Get rid of midges
    If you have fruit buds in your kitchen,Prepare this mixture: mix 20 ml of vodka, 3 drops of dishwashing liquid and 300 ml of plain water. Rub this mixture with the place where insects live, and you will get rid of them very quickly.
    Fruit flies
  11. Cleaning of seams in the bathroom
    To clean the putty putty in the bathroom, pour vodka into the bottle with a spray, sprinkle on the putty, wait 5-10 minutes and wash it off with water. Vodka kills fungi, mold and other microorganisms.
    Seams in the bathroom
  12. First aid for blows
    Fill the cellophane bags with vodka diluted 1: 1 with water and freeze. If you hit somewhere, then attach this packet to the site of the bruise, the pain will gradually subside and there will be no bruise.
  13. Beautiful hair without dandruff
    Do you want to have soft and shiny hair? Then add some vodka to your favorite shampoo. After application you will see an excellent result.

    This recipe is suitable for greasy hair type. And if you want to get rid of dandruff, then mix a glass of vodka with 2 tsp. Chopped rosemary and let it brew. Tincture rub into the head, without flushing.


Use vodka only with advantage, it will help you to replace many means in a life.

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