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The most useful way of cooking

Food is able to fill the body with nutrients in the same degree as poisons. The reason lies in Ways of cooking, Which can easily multiply the usefulness of the concoction or create the opposite effect.

The best thing you can do for your health is to learn how to cook the food in the right way.

The most useful way of cooking

  1. Cook or fry?
    If you hesitate to cook or fry the product,Then choose to weld. When frying, the oil that you heat emits toxic substances and poisons the dish. Besides the oil gives an extra caloric value to the dish, and you do not need any extra pounds.

    Another important point is that When cooking meat and fish It is necessary to drain the first broth, since it contains a large number of toxic substances. Vegetables, if you want to keep their usefulness as much as possible, cook until half cooked.

  2. healthy food

  3. For a couple
    Vegetables, meat and fish are steamedPreserved vitamins and minerals. This method has only one drawback - it is difficult to get used to the taste. But for this, there are various seasonings and sauces, which are also properly prepared.
  4. A grill or a dry frying pan?
    Preferring to give grills, because they do not use oil and harmful couples are excluded. So that the usefulness of the products remains the same.

    Dry frying pans, Or Teflon coated pans, are great for cooking dishes without oil.

  5. Baking
    It is better to use baking for cooking vegetables with a small amount of oil. In this case the product is maximally useful.

    But you should not abuse baking too. The higher the temperature and the longer the preparation, the more free radicals will enter your body.

  6. Proper nutrition

  7. Raw food
    Sometimes products that are usually cooked on fire can be more useful and tasty in a raw, primordial form. While the loss of macro-, microelements, vitamins - zero.

    Using raw carrots or beets, you simultaneously perform gum massage and strengthen your teeth, remove the plaque from the surface of the teeth.

    Despite a wide range of vegetables, berries, fruits, greens, which can be eaten raw, meat and fish products, of course, do not go into this category.

  8. Boiled food

As practice shows, the tradition of cookingFood, which we safely take over from the older generation, is not always useful for the body. Learn how to cook properly, tasty and, most importantly, it is still useful!