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10 tricks for clothes

When we buy things we like, weWe hope that they will serve for a long time, but there always happen unforeseen circumstances in the form of spots or other troubles that significantly shorten the life of our wardrobe.

"so simple!" Today will try to save him, since our editorial team has prepared 10 wonderful tips that will prolong the life of your clothes.

Care of clothes

  1. How to clean sneakers
    Just mix the soda with a detergent and walk with a toothbrush soaked in this mixture, over the white edging of sneakers or sneakers. You yourself will be very surprised by the result!
  2. How to clean sneakers

  3. How fast to hang clothes on a hanger
    You need to reach out through the gate of the product, then take the hanger in this hand and stretch your arm back. Voila!
  4. hanger

  5. How to make tights more durable
    So that the arrow on pantyhose does not put you in an embarrassing situation, sprinkle them with a small amount of hairspray before going out. Try it!
  6. Nylon pantyhose

  7. How to stop the arrow on pantyhose
    So that the shooter does not go all over his leg, just apply a little nail polish to the edges of the hole or arrow that has already started.
  8. Arrow on pantyhose

  9. Stretching new shoes
    A new pair of shoes lightly presses? Then pour in 2 plastic bags of water and shove them inside the shoes. Then put the couple in the freezer for the night. Corns now you are not afraid!
  10. new shoes

  11. So that the jeans retain color
    With each washing of jeans, add a little vinegar to the washing machine. The same can be done while washing other dark products.
  12. jeans

  13. "Tongue" under control
    If the zipper in the pants constantly loses the tongue, fix it with a pin or a ring for the keys.
  14. fly

  15. How to remove stains of sweat on white clothes
    You just need to wash the problem areas with lemon juice before washing.
  16. Stains on white clothes

  17. Stains from red wine
    Soda, white wine or salt equally effectively remove the stains from the red wine that has just been poured onto the clothes.
  18. Stains from red wine

  19. How to thread the lace into a sports blazer
    It can be done using a wide tube for drinks. Pass the string into a straw, and then put a straw into the lace hole.
  20. How to sew a lace

In this video you can see all these tips quite clearly.

These tricks will be useful to everyone! And I guarantee that thanks to them, your things will serve much longer! Use these tips yourself and share them with your friends!