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How to make towels clean

You probably will kitchen towels, The state of which leaves much to be desired. Juice, chocolate, red wine, rust - what can you not see on the kitchen towels. And if you are at least three times neat and tidy mistress, the spots still can not be avoided.

What if the appearance of the towel leavesTo wish for the best? Wash with stain removers - expensive, throw a towel - feel sorry, use dirty - disgusting. There are only proven budgetary ways that our grandmothers used. It is them that we offer to your attention.

How to wash towels

kitchen towels

  1. With silicate adhesive
    If the kitchen has accumulated a few particularly dirtyTowels, put on the fire an aluminum pan, add water, a little soap or detergent, a spoon of silicate glue and put this towel in this mixture. Leave to simmer on a slow fire for 20-30 minutes - and your towels will shine with pristine purity!
  2. On sunflower oil
    In boiling water, 2 tbsp. A spoonful of dry bleach (sold in stores), an incomplete glass of detergent and ... 2 tbsp. Tablespoons sunflower oil. In the resulting solution put dry (and not soaked or washed!) Dirty towels, turn off the fire and leave to cool completely. What kind of chemical reactions occur, it is not known, but the ideal purity of towels is guaranteed.
  3. Manganese
    Take two basins with boiling water for about 5Liters each. In one bowl put 1/4 part of the crushed economic soap, and in the other - 3-5 crystals of potassium permanganate (make sure that the color of the solution was red, not purple). Mix both solutions until the water turns to a dark brown color. Stir until a large amount of foam appears and immerse the dirty towels in the solution. If you keep the towels 6-8 hours in such a solution, they will be as new. do not trust? Try it!

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