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Harm to strict diets

Notion "diet" In our modern world is not new. Probably every second person in the world has experienced at least several options for various diets. Carrot diet, diet of Duchess, Russian diet ...

In the world there are about 150 000 different diets. However, not all of them have health benefits in themselves!

What can lead to strict diets?

Not all fit diet in the spirit: "And my neighbor advised kefir, so she dropped it on her 15 kg, so I throw everything and sit on one kefir! ". There is one "but": A neighbor, maybe, and dropped, but she has a completely different metabolism. But what if a similar diet promises at least a dizziness and even a loss of consciousness to another person? And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

People who lead an active lifestyle andEat right, do not feel the need for diets. Their body receives the necessary vitamins and load, which allows you to naturally burn fat and maintain a normal weight.

Strict diets - a very dangerous thing, if you do not follow the dictates of nutritionists. Abstinence from certain products Can lead to the loss of blood cells, which are very long restored in the body. Often a strict diet does not allow you to get the right amount of calories - and there is a failure.

Especially carefully you need to monitor yourHealth of the elderly and those who have chronic diseases. A strict diet will only further damage the already compromised health, and also entail a couple of other diseases.

Lack of a full range of vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates will lead to Catastrophic weight loss. The body will start using its reserves, "eating" itself.

Of course, such experiments are harmful or useful - it's up to you. But before go on a diet, Be sure to consult a dietician!

Do not joke with your health and take care of the well-being of friends - share with them the advice of nutritionists.