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Products that accelerate aging

What we eat each day affectsOn us, and especially on the appearance and well-being. In our time, many natural constituents of products are replaced with various preservatives that are harmful to health.

"so simple!" Will tell you about the 5 most harmful products, eliminating which you can not only lose weight, but also improve your health and look younger.

Products accelerating aging

Aging skin around the eyes

  1. Trans fats
    The largest number of trans fats are found in French fries, popcorn, cakes, chips, crackers, cookies, margarine and cakes. The use of trans fats leads to obesity and heart disease.

    Associate Professor of Medicine Timothy Harlan from the UniversityTulein, which is in the US, argues that trans fats lead to inflammatory processes in the body. In his opinion, aging is a chronic inflammatory condition, so people who eat foods with trans fats look much older than their peers.

  2. Glucose-fructose syrup
    This syrup, which is a cheap substituteSugar, is contained in purchased sweets, sweet carbonated drinks and canned food. Glucose-fructose syrup improves the taste of food and prolongs its shelf life. Its excessive consumption can lead to hepatic and cardiac insufficiency, as well as cause caries.

    Dr. Mark Heyman, Director of the ClinicCleveland Center for Functional Medicine, argues that eating foods with this syrup can lead to "accelerated aging". We, in turn, recommend replacing purchased cakes with natural black chocolate with a high content of cocoa, and sugar - with honey. And do not deny yourself fruit, if you want a sweet.

  3. refined salt
    Salt is a harmful product that delaysWater in the body and is one of the causes of hypertension. Researchers from the medical college of Giorgia argue that salt abuse speeds up the aging process. If you think that eating without salt can not be tasty, then you are mistaken. Instead of salt, add garnishes and seasonings to the side dishes, pour the lemon juice on the meat or add wet cranberries to it.
  4. Processed meat
    Many meat products on the shelves of the store -Sausage, ham, bacon and others - contain preservatives that cause skin problems and inflammatory processes in the body. If you eat such meat, then the body does not produce collagen - a vital protein.

    From its lack The skin ages, Becomes pale, acquires an unhealthy appearance,Because collagen is responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin. Instead of meat delicacies, eat fish. This will help you to strengthen health and prolong youth.

  5. alcohol
    Alcohol is processed by the liver, whichNeutralizes toxins. But she is able to cope not with everything, as she needs time to recover. What has not been processed appears with time on the skin in the form of acne, rosacea, dermatitis and wrinkles.

Summing up, you can advise the following: carefully choose food, read the composition, often eat vegetables and fruits.

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