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Why you need to check boxes with equipment in the store

Buying household appliances in large networks, we are often lazy Check the goods before purchase, Which brought the store staff. But the case, which we will tell today, will convince you that it is necessary to do this.

One Moscow couple acquired in a large networkTV shops, they were given a sealed box to issue the goods, and they decided not to check it, but immediately go home. But at home they were very unpleasant surprise ...

What you need to check when buying equipment

Instead of the TV in the box, the boards were put together under the size of the TV. They decided not to lose time and immediately went back to the store.

Store employees brought them a new box. The couple decided this time to check what's inside. And what was in the new box? Again boards!

As it turned out, shop workers themselves stole the TV sets and put boards in boxes to make the theft unnoticed.

When they brought a third box, it finally had a real and very welcome TV.

Do not forget that the buyer is always right, and you have every right Check the goods before purchase. Always look at the purchase, you never know what sellers you can stumble upon!