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Excuses from playing sports

All women know that in order to lookFor 100%, you need to follow the rules of healthy eating and exercise regularly. But, unfortunately, many representatives of the fair sex, even realizing this, still sit on debilitating diets, arguing that there is absolutely no time for fitness and gym.

If there is no movement in your life, you will not be able to lose weight and be completely healthy. It's time to change something. Start today!

Excuses from playing sports

  1. "Yes, what's the gym like?" I am a business woman, there is absolutely no time! I was instructed to lead a new project, and I have not started to do anything yet, I'll have to sit at work until nightfall. And at home waiting for my beloved, kids, a dog, a hamster ... "

    It happens that there is not enough time for anything. But in fact, its deficit is just an illusion. If you save time on something, for example, on scrolling pages in classmates, viewing the next series of the old series, chatting with girlfriends on the phone about anything, then there will be time for sports.

    Write your Rough schedule And allocate in it only 2 hours a week for sports - at first this will be quite enough.

  2. "I would like to, of course, do, but somehow not before. Maybe someday it will turn out ... "

    Here everything is clear, you have a habit of postponing everythingBusiness for later. Most likely, you have a fear of trying something new or banal laziness. Postponing things will not make your life easier, but even vice versa. Try to do something new for yourself and you will soon come to taste.

  3. Completeness

  4. "I so wanted to go to the hall, but I have no money. And yet you need to buy a beautiful uniform, sneakers ... "

    Subscription in the popular gym isBig money. But you can after all visit small sports clubs, which only recruit newcomers and the prices they always enjoy. If there is not even such money, then visit the park or the stadium near the house, where you can practice for free. In the end, you can train at home.

    By the way, to have a beautiful form for classes is very important. Many women are very motivated. Inexpensive, but excellent in quality kit can be purchased in the brand boutique of the stock supermarket.

  5. "After work and home affairs, I have no power to even read a magazine. What can be bachata? "

    Where to get the strength? Change of activity is a rest that guarantees a rush of vivacity. Physical exercises help improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and most importantly - hormones are released into the bloodstream, which are responsible for uplifting the mood.

  6. Lush forms

  7. "With my health you need to run only to the doctor, not to training ..."

    if you have health problems, You need, of course, to see a doctor. And he already, most likely, except for medicines, will advise also to conduct an active way of life or will appoint or nominate physiotherapy exercises. Sport is useful to everyone, only the load for everyone must be individual.

  8. "It's so boring and uninteresting!"

    If you are bored and tedious to engage in ordinaryFitness, find something to your liking. The first lesson on various trainings is most often free, try all the styles and choose the most suitable one. Perhaps you do not know about your talents and abilities.

  9. fat woman

  10. "At my age it's too late to start playing sports. It's still bad, I did not do this in my youth, no yoga! "

    This excuse is popular among women of differentAge, and in 50, and 25. Remember that if you do not exercise, your blood circulation will worsen, metabolism will slow down, extra pounds will appear, puffiness, shortness of breath, that is, aging processes will accelerate. Think, do you need this?

  11. "I missed the training, then the next time I'll go on Monday. Or on Thursday. may be…"

    It happens that you attended training, butBecause of just one missed lesson you get out of the way and promise to start with yourself on Monday. But that same Monday will never come if you so think. No excuses, one or two missed workouts - this is not a disaster. Resume classes from the next day.

  12. Employment in the gym

  13. "I've been doing it for a month, but there's no result. Useless waste of money ... "

    Probably, the result is not visible, since youYou only do a month, but maybe you do not stick to a healthy lifestyle. Fitness should be your lifestyle. It includes not only active exercises, but also balanced nutrition and self-care.

  14. "Surely there all are so slender, but then I'll come ... something I do not want to be a total laughing stock!"

    This is probably the most popular excuse. In fact, 90% of the visitors are ordinary women who have the same Problems with the figure, Like you. If you come to the hall, nothing terrible will happen. After a few training sessions you will relax and not pay attention to anyone.

  15. fat woman

Do you recognize yourself? If you want to be healthy, beautiful and have a cheerful mood, we advise you to go in for sports, starting from today.

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