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Free your mind in 15 minutes

Every one of us has days when you feelYourself as a squeezed lemon. Everything is falling from the hands, nothing works, you have to do a lot of things, but you do not have time. In general, in the head porridge and focus on something specific does not come out.

Today the editorial staff of the site "so simple!" Has prepared for you a special discharge. It will take about 15 minutes and help to bring your thoughts in order. Do not do anything complicated. Just follow the directions, and you will receive an additional charge of energy for further action.

Free the mind in 15 minutes

  1. Physical activity - 5 minutes
    Exercises will help you to switch to your mind. Sit down several times, do push-ups, make a bar or other exercises available to you. Endorphins will enter the bloodstream, and you will receive an additional charge of self-confidence.
  2. Water treatments - 4 minutes
    Streams of water act as an easy dose of antidepressant. These properties of it have been known for a long time. And for an additional charge of vivacity, finish the shower with a contrasting temperature change.
  3. Meditation - 3 minutes
    Practicing meditation does not raise questions about its positive impact. For beginners, let's say that even a few minutes will allow you to forget about the past day and relax.
  4. Silence - 3 minutes
    Noises, screams, screams and other sounds surround usall day. We are so used to this cacophony that we do not even pay attention to it. But only a few minutes of silence will finally clear the mind of the day's vanity and relieve the accumulated tension.

So, after spending 15 minutes, you canRelax and forget about the past day. Try this method on yourself and tell friends about it. Let in the world will be as little as possible tense and nervous people.