/ How to make a flat stomach

How to make a flat stomach

physiotherapy - one of the most amazing areas of medicine. She is studying the influence of various natural and artificially created factors on human health. For those who despaired of losing weight and find a perfect, flat stomach, there are good news.

Hope never dies! Physiotherapists invented a brilliant way to maintain abdominal muscles in a constant tone. For the practical application of this method you only need a string of medium length, which you need to wrap around the waist. The method is not new, proven and effective enough! and that's why…

How to make the stomach flat


The miracle thread wrapped around the waist is a reminder of Abdominal muscles, Which you always need to keep in a smallTension. The thread only indicates to you that you need to straighten the shoulders, draw in the belly and keep it collected. In this position your posture will look even and well-trained, and the stomach will appear visually less! But this is only the first step on the road to the ideal ...

Take a small piece of string, wrap itAround the waist so that the thread feels good. It is best to do this on half the exhalation. The pressure of the thread will signal to you that the stomach needs to be drawn in and strained. Such a gradual stable load will create a miracle even with the most flabby and relaxed muscles - a small, but constant tension very well trains them.

Carry the thread everywhere: at work, at home, for a walk and away. This is a simple way to control yourself and is ideal for those who do not like exhausting workouts in the gym.

Beautiful figure

Such a Load on muscles The press is much more effective than the regular workout threeOnce a week. Because it is almost clockwork! Felt the thread on the waist - strained muscles. Very convenient, especially in a time of lack of time. Simple way, but very effective!

the quieter you go, the further you'll get. Tell your friends how to achieve a gorgeous stomach condition with the smallest physical and psychological costs!