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Plants in a Bottle

Flowers and houseplants In the house always make it much cozier and more beautiful. To all this they are also very useful, because they are able to produce oxygen!

Today "so simple!" Will show you a very original way of growing indoor plants. Have you ever thought about creating your own small Terrarium with flowers? no? Then look and learn how to do it!

A plant in a bottle

David Latimer grew a garden in a 38-liter jar. Seeds he planted in the distant 1960, and that's what grew out of them.

A plant in a bottle

Opened the container of the david only once, in 1972, to water the plants. After that this mini-garden was completely isolated from the environment.

A plant in a bottle

The latimer says that if you do everything right, then such a garden can be quite self-sufficient and live for dozens of years!

A plant in a bottle

We also prepared a video for you in whichIt is shown how it is possible to create such a terrarium itself. First you need to select the capacity. It can be open, or pick up a sealed container if you want the garden to be completely enclosed. A mound to the bottom of a little drainage, then a layer of charcoal and a layer of soil (this layer should be the largest). After that you can plant the plants in the terrarium, but do it carefully so as not to stain the walls of the tank.

Look, as the girl in the video did!

This way of growing plants can be very practical, because if you have pets, they will not chew on flower leaves or turn pots. Try to create such a Mini garden At home!

Do your friends also love houseplants? Show them this idea!