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How to use oil lubrication in everyday life

Piercing Oil lubrication Should be in every house! This is a wonderful remedy in the can - it is universal, the range of its use is very impressive.

Wd-40 The most famous brand that makesA moisture-displacing lubricant and successfully sells it all over the world. The recipe for this aerosol is kept in the strictest secrecy, however, there are many analogues of the unique substance. After reading these tips on the use of oil lubrication, you will be convinced of the need to purchase it. The real manna of heaven!

How to use oil lubrication in everyday life

  1. Graffiti can appear in the most unpredictablePlaces, not only on the walls of a freshly painted garage, but also on a car ... instead of repainting the surface, wash the layer of the applied paint with oil aerosol.
  2. How to remove graffiti from a machine

    a car

  3. To remove snow is much easier if you sprinkle the shovel with oil lubricant. The shovel will slip, and this will make the work not so burdensome!
  4. How to clean snow

  5. To remove the chewing gum that stuck to the hair? There is nothing easier! If my mother knew about this, I would not have to cut my hair as a child ...
  6. Chewing gum in hair

  7. If sprinkled with oil from the spray favorite placesHabitats of bees, insects will cease to settle there. Let them look for another home! But if the bees still ply around and someone bites - the oil will help to remove irritation and pain from the bite. Smash them with a traumatized place.
  8. Bees

  9. Spray the spray on the shoes and it will become water repellent! I'll do it with winter boots certainly. Another plus: horrible stains from salt in the winter season wonderfully washed off with oil lubrication.
  10. winter boots

  11. Can not take off the ring? Oil lubrication will definitely help you!
  12. How to remove the ring

  13. Oil mist will easily remove stickers from different surfaces.
  14. How to remove stickers

  15. Walls and wallpapers are also easily repaired with this magic miracle tool!
  16. Oil aerosol

  17. Surprisingly, but oil lubrication will cope with pollution even on upholstered furniture!
  18. Oil lubrication

  19. Spraying the hood with an aerosol, you will save the car from annoying insects. They slip past, leaving no trace ...
  20. Oil aerosol

  21. Use the magic of the spray to unravel the wire!
  22. How to unravel the wire

  23. Stains from oil and fuel oil are removed with the same oil mist. miracles…
  24. Oil aerosol photo

  25. Aerosol will clean the grill for barbecue beyond recognition!
  26. How to clean a grate

  27. When water and detergent are powerless against stale stains in the refrigerator, oil lubrication comes to the rescue!
  28. Refrigerator photo

  29. Sprinkle the spray on the stain, wipe it with a cloth. The carpet will be like new!
  30. Stains on the carpet

  31. The new life of license plates begins after the application of oil aerosol. Look how shining!
  32. Application of oil lubrication

  33. The glue is easily removed with oil lubrication. And no unpleasant sensations!
  34. How to remove glue

  35. Scratches on your favorite car will become less noticeable if you immediately sprinkle them with oil spray.
  36. Oil aerosol

  37. If zeal lightning, remember the oil spray.
  38. How to unzip a lightning

  39. Spray the grease on the wooden pens of household utensils, and no corns will be any more!
  40. Oil aerosol

  41. Stains from tea and coffee on the table top are easy to remove. It's easy to guess what means I mean ...
  42. Stains from tea

  43. Rubbing on the floor - no problem. Sprinkle a little oil on the floor and rub the imperfect place with a brush. excellent result!
  44. How to clean the floor

  45. Utensils with very strong greasy soiling and stained spots can be saved! Wipe it with oil lubricant, and then - thoroughly wash it.
  46. Fatware

  47. Oil aerosol discourages a variety of insects.
  48. Oil aerosol against insects

If the door lock does not open, sprinkle the key with grease! This can help even in a hopeless, seemingly situation ...

Now I know what to give to friends for a housewarming party! this Oil spray - a magic tool. Saves not only rust, but also dirt, can help even in the fight against insects and will open the old castle ... Tell your friends about the unknown properties of the oil mist, it will come in handy for everyone!