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Castor oil for hair, eyebrows and eyelashes

Beautiful and well-groomed hair, eyelashes and eyebrows -It is an integral part of the image of every woman who watches herself. Every day, women make decorative cosmetics, dye their eyebrows, twirl their eyelashes, and dry their hair with a hair dryer.

This all negatively affects the appearance of the hair. To make them thicker and more beautifully needed Use castor oil. This is a universal tool that has helped many. It is, of course, difficult to wash off, but the result is worth it.

Correct use of castor oil

Method of application for eyelashes

  1. Remove makeup and wash well with warm water.
  2. Apply castor oil on eyelashes, using a brush or cotton swabs.
  3. Brush up against the edge of the container, this will help you remove excess oil, so that it does not get into your eyes.
  4. Perform the procedure 3-4 hours before bedtime. Before you go to bed, soak your eyes with a tissue, then wash off the rest of the oil with water.

The girl is applying castor oil

Method of application for the eyebrows

    Not all nature awarded beautiful eyebrows. Because thick eyebrows now - this is the last trend, many girls draw them with the help of cosmetics. To look more naturally, you can grow eyebrows with castor oil.

  1. To clear eyebrows from makeup.
  2. Apply castor oil 3 hours before sleep on the eyebrow with a brush or cotton buds in a thin layer.
  3. Something that is not absorbed, remove it with a tissue before going to bed.

Method of application for hair

  1. Castor oil "awakens" sleeping hair bulbs. Rub a few drops into the scalp 2 hours before washing. Then wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. To restore hair mix two dining roomsA spoonful of milk, a teaspoon of castor oil and one ampoule of glycerin. All whip, leave to swell and after warming on a slow fire. Put it on your hair, especially on the tips, and keep it for 20-30 minutes.
  3. For combating dandruff, mix castor solutionOils with tincture of calendula in equal proportions. Such a solution is rubbed into the scalp and lasts for half an hour. Wash off plenty of warm water with lemon juice.

Castor oil is rather thick, so that it is easier to apply, before use, slightly warm it, holding the jar in the hands.

To get the desired effect, use castor for a month. Take a break for 2-3 weeks, then apply oil once a week.

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