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Unusual cooking utensils

The kitchen is a favorite place in the house for many. Here people enjoy spending time with pleasure. In the kitchen is always cozy, you can cook something delicious, read the newspaper, drink coffee or just meet with family over dinner and chat about how the day went. Every housewife has in the kitchen a variety of adaptations that simplify cooking and save time - because it can be spent with loved ones.

For example, a blender, a microwave oven, and Kitchen accessories, Which were known for a long time and were usedStill our grandmothers. But with each year of things that simplify our life, it becomes more and more, and it's a sin not to use. These new items are very simple and easy to use. Maybe something will appeal to you!

Unusual cooking utensils

  1. Garlic, which is easily cleaned.
  2. Garlick

  3. Pineapple cutter.
  4. Pineapple cutter

  5. A small device for the rapid separation of leaves from stems.
  6. Separation of leaves from stems

  7. Sticks for sushi, which turn into ninjas. Kids will be delighted!
  8. Special form for ice. Such ice can be thrown into a bottle for cooling.
  9. Device for cutting corn kernels.
  10. Cutter for maize grains

  11. With one hand, we remove the core of the apples.
  12. Applesauce remover

  13. Holder for spices, which measures 1/4 teaspoon.
  14. Holder for spices

  15. Robot-pepper and robot-salt shaker.
  16. Robot-pepper and robot-salt shaker

  17. Two in one - bowl and colander.
  18. Frying pan, which allows you to cook two dishes at a time.
  19. pan

  20. Separator for kitchen drawers.
  21. Separator for kitchen drawers

  22. Reusable resilient covers for containers and products.
  23. Covers for containers and products

Make your life easier with the help of these 13 kitchen appliances. Use them - it's a pleasure!

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