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What you need to keep secret

How hard it is to hold back so as not to blurt outSomething superfluous! But it is this ability that distinguishes a mature person from the unconscious. Because everything you say affects life, whether you like it or not. Seven times measure - one cut, this statement perfectly demonstrates how weighted you need to approach your own words.

It is better to remain silent and think about the answer better thanThe action of emotions express what is rotating in your language. Especially this rule applies to women, whose conversation is worth nothing ... read the list of information that is better Do not sound to others. For your own good!

What you do not need to talk about

  1. charity
    Good deeds are a good practice, but it's not worth it.Them to tell at every corner. Good loses its charm, if it is screamed, and sometimes even disgusts ... you want to make the world a better place - do it silently. The best way to convey something to people is to demonstrate something beautiful by their behavior, and not talk about it.
  2. Austerity
    Do you keep a fast? Are you on a diet? Abstain from sex, because your beloved person is not around now? Think carefully, why should others know these intimate details. Any feat is worth nothing if it is advertised. Relieve loved ones of the need to express admiration for your fortitude, because admiration is, alas, insincere ...
  3. heroism
    Want to be a hero - be it. Disinterestedly help someone, remove the garbage left by neighbors, take part. And forget about it. You will be rewarded for good deeds, if you can resist the temptation to inform everyone about them.
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  4. Spiritual knowledge
    Have you become a believer? Do you practice meditation? Excellent, but this is not a reason to agitate other people to do the same. Sharing your spiritual practice, you can discourage the desire to do something similar with a person forever! Remember that everyone has his own way, and nobody is obliged to share your views.
  5. moral
    Every person commits acts of violence every day. He who boasts of his morality is simply a hypocrite. Admit to yourself that you have many shortcomings and stop to seem better than you really are. It's so stupid looking!
  6. family life
    Conflicts happen in any family. But it's better to keep silent about them, because the quarrel will subside, and the opinion about you and your loved ones will change. The less you tell about your family affairs, the more likely that your personal life will be successful.
  7. food
    Treating other people, keep silentCalmness. Do not tell me about what foods and how food is cooked, it does not do you credit. A good taste of food a guest and he is able to evaluate, if he wishes - he will take your prescription, but you should not flaunt your culinary talents. Separately about vegetarians: be silent. It's a pity that such a beautiful practice looks strange and stupid in the eyes of other people because of those who talked too much about it.
  8. future plans
    Do not get rid of anyone, telling you about your plans. They can change, after all, you can die at any time. nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Plan events, act thought out, but do not spread to anyone about your hopes for the future.
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  9. children
    If you think that everyone else is veryIt is interesting to know about the success of your child at school, you are deeply mistaken. Mums, who endlessly burden the public with information about their child, are unhappy. Apparently, they have nothing more to talk about! You do not want to be thought of in the same way?

Of course, there are people you can share withThe most intimate - fears, feelings, doubts, unexpected joy ... but such people - units! A sign of a person's culture - the ability to separate superficial acquaintances from very close people. One who does not know you well can make quite the wrong conclusions from the information you provided!

Be collected and calm, speak less and listen more. It will make you invulnerable! Tell this obvious truth to your friends, What you need to keep secret.