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The use of daytime sleep for decision-making

For many, the phrase "daytime sleep"Long-forgotten memories of the kindergarten. If you also treat those who consider a short day's rest as a manifestation of weakness, fatigue and even laziness, then our article is for you! Learn to doze in the afternoon and believe: your life will change for the better. how is this possible? Read on!

According to the information of the American National Sleep Foundation (imagine, there is such a one!), nap Restores a sense of vigilance, improves productivity, reduces the number of errors and accidents.

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According to recent studies, a short Daytime sleep Is an excellent preventionCardiovascular diseases. People who sleep during the day at least 3 times a week are 37% less likely to die from heart failure than those who neglect daytime sleep. This kind of rest also helps to fight stress and improve health.

Do you still doubt the benefits of sleep? Dr. Sara the Copperman, the author of the book "Take a nap! Change their lives, "explains that in this way the mind is relaxed and the person is ready for new creative solutions. She also noted that due to this rest, auditory, taste and visual receptors are restored.

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Types of daytime sleep

  1. Planned
    This kind of rest you can plan in advance, proceeding from circumstances.
  2. unexpected
    Such a dream lasts longer than you think, and canHappen at any time. The main cause of unforeseen sleep is severe fatigue. Restore your strength, and until the end of the day you will feel the recovery of efficiency.
  3. habitual
    This kind of sleep is for you every day andA routine practice that you perform at about the same time. The usual sleep passes in the second half of the day and restores the body's defenses.

Daytime sleep, Which lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, is the most beneficial for a person, it strengthens immunity, helps fight stress, increases creativity.

It is noteworthy that such world-famous andSuccessful people like Napoleon, Thomas Edison, George Bush, John Kennedy, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill, did not neglect the midday sleep, resting even in the workplace.

Did you like the article? Tell her about it not only to your friends, but also to the leaders. Perhaps they will listen to these councils and introduce the idea Daytime sleep, As did the world famous companies - nike, google and british airways continental.