/ / Kitchen scales as a way to lose weight

Kitchen scales as a way to lose weight

The problem of extra pounds is considered one of the most relevant among people who follow their own appearance. If a man of this question, as a rule, is of little interest, then women do their utmost to seek lose weight, Even if it is not particularly.

Some women refuse to eat after 6Evenings or begin to follow a strict vegetable diet, mistakenly believing that this will lead to irretrievable weight loss. It's not enough just to eat carrots in anticipation of a miracle. You also need to know how much you eat.

It is not always easy to determine by eye Product weight, Which pretty much adds calories to your daily diet.

Kitchen scales

Kitchen scales as a way to lose weight

Kitchen scales, Meticulously tracking each gram will helpControl the amount of calories and contribute to the process of losing weight. The task of calculating calories may seem boring and complicated, but after a few repetitions, weighing products will become a habit. Buy electronic scales - they show weight much more accurately.

For ease of control over consumed food, use Calorie table. Each organism has its own daily calorie rate, which depends on the constitution, lifestyle, activity, state of health ...

Any healthy person needs 1,200 kcal perDay to maintain the vital functions of the body. Add to this figure physical and mental loads - on average for women, the figure is 2 000-2 500 kcal.

Calorie table

Calorie table

Simple Formula for calculating the daily caloric intake:
10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) - 5 x age - 161

Do not rush to cut the diet right away to lose weight. To start try not to exceed Daily norm of products. Not to be mistaken in the calculations will help just the kitchen scale.

Go confident steps to your cherished goal! Remember that, on the way to a moderate diet, you will not only look great, but cheer yourself. Share an article with friends - losing weight together is much more fun.