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How to use the newspaper

For sure, each of us at home was lying aroundSeveral read newspapers, which are often thrown away during cleaning. But we do not advise you to do this, because the newspaper can be very useful in everyday life.

What they did with them 30 years ago is relevant in our time. Read the article and make sure of it. We also offer you some fresh ideas for using the old press.

How to use a newspaper

  1. Book covers
    Once schoolchildren instead of covers wrapped newspapers books to extend their lives. Now it again comes into fashion. Looks original, agree?
  2. Covers from newspapers

  3. Shoe dryer
    Nowadays many people use electric dryers for wet shoes. But when this miracle of technology is not at hand, you can crumple and put the old newspapers in the shoes. They perfectly absorb moisture.
  4. Shoe dryer

  5. Containers for seedlings
    The capacity for seedling from newspapers is what you need for a true gardener.
  6. Containers for seedlings

  7. Freshener for tanks
    To eliminate the smell from any container (vessel or bottle), you just need to put the inside of the newspaper, close the lid and leave it overnight.
  8. Freshener for tanks

  9. Bag filling
    If you do not want the bag to lose shape, fill it tightly with newspapers.
  10. Media filler

  11. Storage of vegetables
    So that the fruit is faster to mature, wrap each in a newspaper. The process is laborious, but effective.
  12. Storage of vegetables

  13. Window cleaner
    To make the windows cleaner after washing, dry them with a newspaper.
  14. Washing the windows with a newspaper

  15. wrapping
    Only for creative: make a beautiful wrapper for a gift from a newspaper or magazine. However, you will need more stones, ribbons and bows.
  16. wrapping


  17. Decorating photo frames
    From the newspaper you can make a decoration for the usual photographic framework. Cut the newspaper into strips, curl them in the form of roses, color it in any color and attach it to the frame.
  18. Frames from newspapers

  19. Creating a flower bed
    To create a luxurious flowerbed, autumn cutGrass, spread out newspapers on it in four or five layers, on top of a mound of a 10-centimeter layer of fallen leaves and fields with water. In the spring it will be possible to process the flower bed.
  20. Creating a flower bed

  21. Packing paper
    So that fragile things do not break, for example, when moving, pack them in newspapers.
  22. Packing paper

  23. mat
    So that under the wet shoes do not form puddles, put a layer of newspapers under it.
  24. Newspaper rug

We hope that these methods have attracted you, and you will take something for yourself.

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