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Determination of character along the line of the heart

Line of the heart Controls the emotional sphere of life. On it it is possible to judge about mutual relations of the person with associates. To find out what the heart line says about your everyday and personal life, you should look closely at the palm of your right hand.

This line begins, as a rule, somewhere between the thumb and forefinger and ends at the edge of the palm under the little finger. So she crosses the palm. on the image Line of the heart Is indicated in red. If you want to learn more about yourself, then look at your hand and read this information.

Which means the line of the heart

Line of the heart

  1. If the line of the heart starts under the middle finger,Then we can assume that you are a true leader. You are ambitious, independent, smart and able to make decisions quickly. People with such a line of the heart are less sensitive, a bit cold to others, but highly valued and love their family.
  2. If your heart line starts between the middleAnd the index finger, this indicates that you are kind and considerate of people. You are a little hesitant and cautious. People willingly trust their secrets to you. Most often you use common sense in decision-making.
  3. If the line starts under the index finger,Then you are sufficiently vulnerable. You demand too much from people. While you are able to deeply feel and experience for loved ones. You are a person who likes to make big plans, and you succeed.
  4. If the line of the heart begins between the index andThumbs, then you are patient, caring, have a soft heart and a cheerful nature. The main thing for you is harmony always and everywhere. Many consider you a dreamer.

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