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10 products for weight loss

Many believe that in order to haveA beautiful figure, you need very little to eat or sit on diets. But this is completely wrong. You need to eat healthy food! It is necessary for the body not only to enhance immunity, Improve health, Appearance and to ensure brain activity, but also to form a slender figure.

"so simple!" Prepared for a list of 10 products that will help To form an elegant figure. The main thing - all in moderation!

Products for a shapely figure

Products for a shapely figure

  1. salmon
    Correct fats are very important in the diet of any person. To lose weight, you do not need to sacrifice your health and exclude everything from the menu.

    Proteins in salmon meat are high-quality andEasily digestible. According to studies, people who included salmon in their diet, lost an average of 4-5 kg, while participants who adhere to a diet low in fat, only lost 3 kg. Eat salmon meat in moderation.

  2. Oats
    As is known, oats are rich in fiber. Having breakfasted in the morning oatmeal porridge, you will be satisfied for a long time. Oats contain resistant starch - this is Healthy carbohydrate, Which increases metabolism and burns fat.
  3. Blueberries
    One glass of blueberries contains many useful vitamins and minerals that defeat aging and Improve skin condition And vision, and there are very few calories in it - only 80.
  4. Pears
    One pear contains 15% of the daily recommended amount of fiber. But eat it along with the skin. Pear does not contain a lot of calories, only 50-60 per 100 grams of the product.
  5. green tea
    In green tea there is a huge amount Antioxidants, Which help burn fatty deposits.
  6. Lentils
    Lentils are a source of rich protein and fiber. 1/2 cup of this product will add to the diet 3.4 g of resistant starch, increasing metabolism.
  7. quail eggs
    Quail eggs not only well satisfy hunger,But also relieve depression, fatigue and restore the lack of vitamins. Eating 2 eggs a day, you will receive a charge of energy that can improve your achievements in training.
  8. black chocolate
    Lovers of sweet, rejoice! Having eaten 30 grams of chocolate with a high content of cocoa, you will long feel full, and also improve metabolism.
  9. White beans
    1/2 cup beans contain 4 grams of resistant starch, which increases metabolism.
  10. Oranges
    In 100 g of oranges there are 59 calories and a large amount of fiber. They improve digestion, cleanse the intestines and give a feeling of satiety.

Include these foods in your diet to lose weight. But do not forget about the full sleep, exercise, and drink two liters of water a day.

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