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Facial massage for youth prolongation

To prolong youth it is possible for 3 minutes a day! Do not believe it? French cosmetologist with a melodic name Jojo Siocco Assures that with the help of massage you can achieve better circulation of blood in the face area and thus keep it young for much longer.

The skin of the face is sensitive to different factors, because it grows old faster than the rest of the body. But there is a plus in this - Skin sensitivity Can be directed to the right direction and make itFaster regenerate, stimulating cells with the help of massage. Joel is a personal beautician of Litvinova renata, and this massage is the secret of her impeccable kind.

Facial massage from Jojo Siocco

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Improvement of complexion, elasticity of the skin and Gentle glow You are guaranteed! In addition, this massage increases the effectiveness of any cosmetic products that need to be applied immediately after it. The massage consists of three basic movements, each one must be done for one minute.

  1. Press simultaneously with the index, middle andRing fingers of both hands on the skin, moving from top to bottom - from the forehead to the decollete area. These pressure relieve the puffiness of the face and smooth the surface of the skin, active exposure to the entire face increases the outflow of lymph - hence the miraculous effect.
  2. The thumb and forefinger of both handsGently grab and lift the skin, but do not stretch it too much. Special attention is given to the area around the eyes. Such massage increases the elasticity of the skin and makes Wrinkles Less noticeable.
  3. Relax your hands and pat your face. Do it not with your hands, but with your fingers. Such actions miraculously stimulate blood circulation, lead the skin into tone and refresh the complexion.
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Having given massage such insignificant amount of time, you will be amazed by result - in a week the skin will please you with its Well maintained. Massage is effective for women of any age, with any type of skin!

Tell him about all of his friends, they will be delighted! Without much effort can be done youth Their way of life ...