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Exercises for slender hips

This problem is known to many women: while the whole body loses weight, the hips lose weight. Slender legs and Smart hips Is an achievable goal. The whole secret in the right combination of exercises!

Offer you a wonderful home planTraining. Every day for a month you will be making small steps towards victory! All you need is to regularly perform this training for the muscles of the legs. When you see noticeably thinner legs in the mirror, remember that you can do anything. The main thing is to want!

Exercises for slender hips

  1. Classic sit-ups
  2. Sit-ups
  3. Sito squats
  4. Squats with lifting hands
  5. Squats and training of the oblique muscles of the press
  6. Jumps
  7. Sit-ups with closed legs
  8. "Pistol"
    Sit-ups on one leg
  9. Backbend
    Leg training
  10. Sit-ups on one leg
    Sit-ups on one leg
  11. Steps aside
    Foot exercises
  12. Squats in a jump

Week workout plan

  1. Classic squats - 30 times
    Sit-ups with foot-to-side movement - 15 times per side
    Sito squats - 30 times
  2. Squats with raising hands - 30 times
    Squats and training of the oblique muscles of the press - 15 times per side
    Jumps - 30 times
  3. Sit-ups with closed legs - 30 times
    "Pistol" - 15 times for both legs
    Retracting the leg 15 times for both legs
    Steps to the side - 30 times
  4. Squats on one leg - 30 times for both legs
    Steps to the side - 40 times
    Squats in the jump - 35 times
  5. Sito squats - 35 times
    Squats in a jump - 40 times
    Retraction of the leg back - 20 times for both legs
  6. Squats and training of the oblique muscles of the press - 20 times per side
    Jumping - 40 times
    Classic sit-ups - 40 times
  7. Sit-ups with lifting hands - 40 times
    Sit-ups with closed legs - 40 times
    "Pistol" - 20 times for both legs

Like this, gradually increasing the load, youYou can adjust the shape of the legs and thighs! I like this training with its accessibility: it does not take much time, you can train at home, additional simulators are not required. Only willpower is needed!

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