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How to use ice molds

It's time to think about how Save oneself from the heat: Summer is inexorably approaching! Cold drinks and tidy ice cubes give real bliss to the days when everything around melts under the sun. But, believe me, you can not only freeze water!

For sure this post will be a discovery for you - to think up such use Ice molds, You need to try to glory. Hang these wonderful ideas on the honors board of your memory and enjoy them with pleasure!

How to use ice molds

  1. Freeze the coffee and add it to the milk. Delicious milkshake for a couple of minutes ready! For lovers of sweet one more idea: you can freeze condensed milk!
  2. Frozen coffee

  3. Freeze the remnants of wine. At any time you can cook marinara sauce, red wine sauce and other delicacies, which include wine.
  4. Frozen wine

  5. Frozen yogurt is an excellent treat in the heat. It's a good idea to keep yogurt with a little shelf life for future use.
  6. Frozen yogurt

  7. Puree from apricots or peaches is easy to freeze. It will decorate any dessert!
  8. Puree from apricots

  9. Slices of watermelon right from the freezer! M-m-m ...
  10. Frozen watermelon

  11. Frozen flowers? As I myself did not think of ... looks stunning.
  12. Frozen flowers

  13. It's hard to imagine something more seductive: a frozen strawberry in chocolate.
  14. Frozen strawberries

  15. Frozen sweet syrup grenadine is perfectly combined with champagne and sweet alcoholic cocktails.
  16. Frozen syrup

  17. Orange juice and grapefruit as if created for freezing. In the heat it is so nice to drink water with citrus aroma!
  18. Juice of orange and grapefruit

  19. Edible spangles from gum arabic - an excellent decor for different dishes and cocktails. And if they also freeze ...
  20. Spangles of gum arabic

  21. Sushi can be preserved by freezing them.
  22. Frozen cheese

  23. Frozen aloe juice will become a cosmetic rescue in the heat: it tones and cools the skin 100%!
  24. Frozen aloe juice

  25. Freeze smoothies from different berries and fruits. First aid, when it's hot and hungry!
  26. Frozen smoothies

  27. Flowers that you can eat are frozen flowers.
  28. Frozen flowers

  29. Freeze the chocolate and also add it to the cocktails.
  30. Frozen chocolate

  31. Mojito is always at hand: freeze the juice of lime or lemon and mint.
  32. Frozen mojito

  33. Colorful ice cream in cubes - a smart addition to the usual milkshake.
  34. Ice-cream in cubes

  35. Something out of the ordinary: frozen fruit ice, which consists of several layers! Wow!
  36. Frozen fruit ice

  37. Frozen greens in olive or butter will suit any garnish ...

Frozen greens

Now the heat will bring you pleasure - inAny moment from the freezer you can extract real treasures ... so that the ice does not absorb foreign smells, wrap the forms in food film. Do not forget also that in the refrigerator, and especially in the freezer, you need to maintain cleanliness. Non-standard use of ice molds - a field for experiments! Share your brightest ideas with your friends.