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How do I know if a short haircut is suitable?

Perhaps, there is no such girl who at least once did not ask the question: "will he go to me short haircut? »And all business not only in practicality meekhair. On the eve of the summer you want to remove not only the extra pounds, but also the "negative energy", which, according to some experts, accumulates on our hair.

Hollywood stars also one by one cut Long curls. Ryan, Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham and many others have already managed to try on a new image that not only refreshed their appearance, but also made for a few years younger.

Will you get a short haircut?

short haircut

If you decide Change your appearance, But you can not tell if you will goShort haircut, carefully read our article! A simple but effective rule "5.5 centimeters" was promulgated by the famous stylist and creator of the brand John Fried, who believes that everything is in the corners. «The angle of the lower jaw in relation to the face determines whether the person will go for a short haircut or better to walk with long hair", Explains the stylist.

So, in order to once and for all to understand whether you will get a short haircut, take a pencil and ruler and follow our advice.

  1. Place a pencil (pen, felt-tip pen) under the chin, holding it horizontally, and the ruler is placed under the ear, vertically.
  2. Measure the distance at the intersection of the pencil and ruler. If it is less than 5,5 centimeters, then a short haircut will be very to your face, and if more - do not rush to cut off long hair.

Short haircut photo

For example, we prepared a photo of Michelle Williams and Kim Kardashian. The first is obviously better with a short haircut of a pixie, but for the second, the longest ringlets up to the shoulders and below are the most acceptable option.

Haircut on short hair

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