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How to make a pot from a stump

If you are a happy owner of a private or Country house, Then for certain you know that a lot of money, effort and imagination is spent on decorating the garden. Now we will tell you how to quickly and simply use what is certainly in your garden - the old stump!

If you think that his presence only spoils Appearance of the site And it must be uprooted, do not rush to conclusions! Look at our selection of original decorated stumps. When you want to realize one of these ideas, you will be pleasantly surprised how simple this is.

Stump decor

  1. Remove the old stump from the old stump, fill it with earth and plant the seeds of your favorite plants.
  2. Bed of stump

  3. The hobbit's house.
  4. Hemp decor

  5. Mushrooms on a stump can also become part of the scenery.
  6. Mushrooms on a stump

  7. An ancient stump can be revived to a new life ...
  8. stump

  9. Dragon.
  10. Dragon

  11. Magnificent stone roses will look like a continuation of a stump.
  12. Stone roses

  13. Some irises will never interfere.
  14. Irises

  15. Surprisingly similar to a rapuncle ...
  16. Beautiful stump

  17. Daffodils and tulips - the best guests in the flowerbed.
  18. Bed

  19. Composition in a relaxed forest style.
  20. stump

  21. It looks amazing!
  22. Tulips

  23. So look stumps in a world where a good aesthetic taste triumphs.
  24. Flowering stump

If you're lucky enough to live in a private house or haveGive, take advantage of our advice! Perhaps, they will also be useful to one of your friends, because in any court there must be some old stump. Decorate your garden and inspire your neighbors. A little imagination, and even the old stump can blossom!