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Disorder in the house draws trouble

Almost every house is occasionally small Chaos. Sometimes people simply do not have enough time toCleaning. And sometimes, alas, this phenomenon is permanent. Often it is caused by the laziness of the hosts. Then you need to sound the alarm, because the house in which there is a mess, draws troubles and troubles.

Specialists in feng shui, bioenergy and evenPsychologists confirm the veracity of this fact. In English there is the word mess, which can be translated as "disorder", and "trouble". And this is not just so, because these concepts are interrelated. Find out why it is so important Keep the house clean!!

Why it is necessary to clean

A girl in an uncleared room

  1. corridor
    Many in the corridor have cabinets with the oldRubbish, unnecessary clothes and shoe. Some have a broken bicycle or ski poles. All this will not lead to good. In the house there will be quarrels and a lack of money. As soon as you part with unnecessary things, happiness can freely enter the house.
  2. bathroom
    In the bathroom we go through the process of purification. It starts our day, so it's important to keep it clean and tidy. And if this room is dirty, divorce on walls, tubs and jars are lying around, and towels are stale, this indicates the uncertainty of the mistress of the house. A woman with a normal self-esteem bathroom clean and bright.
  3. kitchen
    Well-being of the residents of the house depends to a certain extentFrom the cleanliness of the kitchen. Clean this room, and in your life there will be stability in financial and personal terms. Food should be prepared in cleanliness and coziness, then it will be of exceptional benefit.
  4. living room
    In this room often receive guests. It is an indicator of how they see your life in reality. Chaos It can lead to a misunderstanding between you and loved ones. If the living room is bright and clean, then wait in the house of good people who will bring happiness and excellent news with them.
  5. bedroom
    The bedroom is responsible for happiness in your personal life. Clothing chaos in this room can disrupt sleep, lead to quarrels with the other half and problems in sex. Remove from the bedroom everything that has no direct relationship to sleep and sex life. TV, computer and other equipment is better not to place in this room. The bedroom should lead to thoughts of peace and love.

A small mess can cause a lot of trouble. Urgently release the house from junk, keep it clean and heal a happy life.

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