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10 options for unusual dishes

There are products that, it seems to us, can not be eaten in another way. For example, an apple can be eaten separately or added as an ingredient in a dish.

But whether you thought about that, having cut it in thin slices and having greased with nut butter, it is possible to receive very easily tasty and Unusual dessert? no? in this case "so simple!" Offers you a few original ways of using all the usual products to us, which you ate wrong before!

10 options for unusual dishes

  1. Chocolate in combination with kiwi will turn into a favorite dessert of your children.
  2. Ice cream from kiwi

  3. Make a banana roll of chocolate.
  4. Chocolate roll

  5. Strawberries stuffed with cream - royal treat.
  6. Strawberry with cream

  7. Banana with nuts and chocolate on the grill.
  8. Banana with nuts

  9. A romantic breakfast from ordinary eggs.
  10. Romantic breakfast

  11. Apples with muesli and caramel paste.
  12. Apples

  13. Sandwich with bacon.
  14. Sandwich

  15. The right sausage in the dough.
  16. Sausage in dough

  17. As there is a capcake correctly.
  18. Capcake

  19. Fruit ice with marmalade bears and sprite.
  20. fruit ice

If you try to eat these familiar productsIn such ways, you can not do otherwise. These little tricks will make the food a hundred times tastier. If you liked these ideas, be sure to tell your friends about them!