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How to use green tea

We all know the benefits of such a wonderfulProduct like green tea. We have heard about its cleansing properties, but very few people know that this product is able to fight with unpleasant odors, skin diseases and even dust! Below collected 15 unbanal properties of green tea, which you can use for your benefit.

Properties of green tea

  1. Dark circles and swollen eyelids
    The composition of green tea includes tannins,Which smooth the skin and improve its structure. And this means that by making compresses from this drink, you can reduce swelling and tighten the skin around the eyes, narrow the blood vessels under the eyes. Also green tea can be treated with conjunctivitis and other inflammatory processes of the eyelids.
  2. Treatment of burns
    Green tea is able to protect exposed skin from damage, which means that by rubbing the body with a chilled drink, you can prevent sunburn and even skin cancer.
  3. Bleeding stop
    Tannins present in this drink help stop bleeding. Make a compress with tea and attach it to the wound.
  4. Improvement of dental health
    Physicians say that one cup of unsweetened green tea a day reduces the likelihood of tooth decay and strengthens the teeth.
  5. Getting rid of excess weight
    Green tea contains catechins thatSignificantly reduce weight and help maintain the right weight after losing weight. Consuming green tea with lemon, you can quickly bring your body to the desired parameters.
  6. Decrease in humidity
    To reduce the level of humidity in the room, fill a bag of thin cloth with tea leaves and place it in the room. After that just watch the result!
  7. Liquidator of unpleasant odors
    Did you get an unpleasant smell in the fridge? Put a handful of green tea leaves in a small bag.
  8. deodorant
    From tea can make a wonderful naturaldeodorant. Mix 80 g of cornstarch, 40 g of soda, 6-7 st. L. Coconut oil, a few drops of essential oil of lemon and tea tree and 4 drops of essential oil of green tea in a small container (for example, from used antiperspirant) and store the mixture in the refrigerator.
  9. Linen freshener
    In the continuation of the theme of unpleasant odors: It turns out that green tea can also be used to flavor the laundry. Put the leaves of green tea in a thin cloth bag, as in the previous boards, and throw it into the box with the laundry. Leaves will absorb an unpleasant smell and give your things a pleasant aroma.
  10. facial scrub
    In this green tea, you need to add a little water, white sugar and almond oil to get an excellent facial scrub that gently exfoliates the skin and simultaneously moisturizes it.
  11. Anti-acne remedy
    Green tea has anti-inflammatory,Antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal properties, so with it you can fight acne. If you can not find a natural cleanser with green tea extract, then you can cook it yourself: just rub green tea leaves, soak them and apply as a mask on your face.
  12. Anti-wrinkle prevention
    Gallate of epigallocatechin from green tea prevents the activation of collagen-splitting enzymes that cause wrinkles. Wash your face with green tea and you will detach the appearance of wrinkles.
  13. Fertilizer for plants
    Excellent use - green tea as a fertilizer. This easy way to revive the plant, thanks to the antioxidants contained in the tea. Soak the tea leaves in the water for a few days, then remove them and use water to water the plants.
  14. Carpet cleaning
    It turns out that tea fights not only with smells, butAnd with dust. Take a handful of moist green tea leaves and spread them over the carpet. They will attract dust, so vacuuming will become easier and the result will be twice as good.
  15. Antiperspirant
    Green tea is an antifungal and antibacterial agent. And besides, he struggles with the smell of sweaty feet. Make a bath of green tea, this will help to refresh your feet for a long time.

green tea

Take these tips, get in the habit Everyday use This drink, and you will see that it only benefits your body!