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Secrets of a successful wash

Many of us do not like washing. But all because the result does not always justify expectations, even if you use expensive means. And careful cleaning of things takes a very long time. But with the help of these 6 simple tips of yours Clothes after washing Will look like new. And no more torment!

Secrets of successful washing

  1. Keep the color of the jeans
    Put jeans in a basin, pour a glass of water on them, and then pour out a glass of salt. The latter will help to keep the original color of the jeans when washing.
  2. jeans

    Washing of jeans

  3. Remove the smell
    Before putting the jeans in the washing machine, put them in the bag with the lock, and then into the freezer for 15 minutes. After washing your pants will be more fresh.
  4. jeans

  5. So that the jeans do not sit down
    Advice for beginning housewives. The "cold water" mode in the washing machine will help you keep the size of your clothes unchanged.
  6. Washer

  7. drying
    In order to quickly dry things, you can use a hairdryer. But only if the clothes do not have iron hardware.
  8. Drying clothes

    Drying clothes

  9. Make clothes more bright and soft
    When rinsing white things in the washing machine, add a glass of white vinegar. For colored - a glass of salt.
  10. Washer


  11. For cleaning the washing machine
    For cleaning and disinfection of the pour into the empty washing machine half a glass of mouthwash. Turn on the rinse mode.
  12. Washer

About all these Tricks of washing You can find out in detail in the video.

Take notes on the advice that will help you on the farm. Your clothes will always be clean and fragrant.

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