/ How to clean dirty surfaces

How to clean dirty surfaces

Daily cleaning takes a lot of effort, time and money - a variety of cleaning and detergents For all cases of life are expensive and can cause harm not only to the child, but also to the adult body. And they are not always at hand.

In those cases when there is no company purifier in the house or you want to save, refusing to purchase it, take advantage of our advice!

Cleaning tips

  1. Decorative glass bottles
    If you are a happy ownerBeautiful, but inconvenient for washing bottles - mix salt, soap, a little warm water and fill this mixture in a bottle. Shake well a few times and repeat the procedure if necessary.
    glass bottles
  2. Microfiber sofa
    If you have a sofa made of microfiber, not my own waterFrom the tap, because it can remain stains and even dark spots. To clean the contaminated surface, use first alcohol, and then - distilled water. The cleaning algorithm is as follows: first, soak, then rub the surface with a dry, hard brush.
    Microfiber sofa
  3. Marker on the floor
    To quickly and inexpensively clean the floor of the marker - use toothpaste. Put it on the painted area, wait a bit and wipe with a damp sponge.
    Marker on the floor
  4. Scorched pots and baking sheets
    With the problem of scorched pots and baking traysWill help to cope with a mixture of soda and hydrogen peroxide. This simple and cheap tool will save you from the long process of cleaning - minimum effort, good result.
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  5. Window frames
    Before the start of the process, generously pollutedSections of window frames with baking soda. A few minutes, pour them with vinegar and wait until the reaction. Take cotton swabs or an old toothbrush, clean it thoroughly, and then rub these places with a damp cloth. Ready!
  6. Dust on the ventilation holes
    These hard-to-reach places can be easily cleaned with an old cosmetic brush. So you can get to where even a vacuum cleaner could not!
    Air vents
  7. comb
    Remove the tangled hair from the comb with scissors, then soak the comb in a hot baking soda with water.
  8. vehicle interior
    So that the interior of the car looks fresh,As after dry cleaning, make a soapy solution with the addition of vinegar and soda, take a resilient brush and begin to scrub the seats until the interior becomes the same as the first day after the purchase.
  9. Washer
    Over time, even the most expensive model of washingThe machine starts to get dirty and things after washing get some musty. To get rid of a stale smell, run an intensive washing mode without things, adding to the container instead of powder chlorine or a mixture of soda and vinegar.
  10. Seams on tile and tile
    Even if the apartment shines with cleanliness, as inAdvertising, darkened seams on the tile significantly violate harmony. To fix this, take a toothbrush, soap and bleach. The same composition easily cleans the bathroom in 10 minutes.

It turns out that even the dirtiest surfaces can be cleaned, without special efforts and saving money on all sorts of Detergents. Purity is the guarantee that in your life order will reign. In a clean house and people's thoughts become purer ... share this article with your friends and visit them more pleasantly - purity will triumph!