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How to make cleaning easier

Being a lazy mistress does not mean beingSlob! Laziness, as is known, is the engine of progress. People who hate cleaning have come up with countless ways to alleviate their bitter fate. Just imagine: just about to come to your guests, and worry about cleaning does not come!

It will be so, if you take advantage of these cunning advice. They will help you maintain cleanliness in the house without unnecessary tricks, using proven simple methods. Spend less time cleaning, learn Keep clean!! It's better to spend free minutes on yourself ...

How to simplify cleaning

  1. Roller with adhesive tape
    Lampshades, fabric covers and hard-to-reach shelves will help clean the roller with a sticky tape that is used to clean clothes. Fast and incredibly convenient!
    Roller with adhesive tape
  2. Polishing spray
    Refrigerator, coffee table and other glossy pieces of furniture are easily cleaned with a spray for polishing. An affordable way to make everything around shine.
    Polishing spray
  3. Baking sheet in foil
    Carefully wrapping the pan in foil, you will save it clean. Forget about the dreary washing of the food pile stuck to the surface forever!
    Baking sheet in foil
  4. Saving dishes
    When you prepare breakfast in a plastic bag, you can throw it out with a clear conscience after a meal. Saving clean dishes and, more importantly, time!
    Saving dishes
  5. Scotch-collector
    Crumbs, broken glass and other small dirt can be easily assembled using adhesive tape.
  6. Clean tiles
    Stop using soap in the shower - replace soap with gel. This investment is very justified: the gel does not leave behind unpleasant divorces, unlike soap.
    Clean tiles
  7. Clean blender
    Blender joyfully pomoet itself, if you pour water in a container with pieces of soap and turn on for a couple of minutes. Perfectly clean!
    Clean blender
  8. Food film
    Wrapped food shelf shelf in the refrigerator, you will greatly facilitate your life. Now it's enough just to change the film to a new one without wasting time on washing the soiled shelves.
    Food film
  9. Brushes
    The cleaning agent in the brush tray should always be the default.
  10. Glowing lattices
    Grate plates, filled with fat, easy to wash, resorting to ammonia. Pour into a bag with a clasp of 50 grams of ammonia solution, put it inside the grate and after 2 hours be ready for a miracle. As new!
    Glowing lattices

Try to do everything so that the cleaning will cease to be such a significant event for you: take every day a little, throw out the extra, do not litter in the house.

If you treat domestic matters easier and with an easyHeart, they will cease to accumulate and take away your forces - everything will go exactly according to plan. Cleanliness is worth it to protect it! Advise friends this article, change their attitude to cleaning.