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Lessons from Evelina Khromchenko

In order to be Feminine and attractive, You need to know little tricks. Evelina Khromchenko as an expert in style is ready to share them with you. Many women think that you can look beautiful only if you buy expensive branded outfits, but it's not. Having mastered some secrets from the professional in the field of a fashion, you can choose for itself correct budgetary things and look on all of 100%. These tips will definitely help you become better!

Advice from Evelina Khromchenko


  1. What shoes - this and life.
  2. God gave us a taste so that we could save.
  3. Pants are either impeccable, or none at all. Perfect trousers visually extend the legs and reduce the hips.
  4. Law: as soon as a woman puts on heels, she immediately has happiness in her personal life.
  5. A small black dress will give beauty even to a middle-aged woman. Only remember that under it you need to wear tight black pantyhose.
  6. It is not necessary to select round glasses under the round face and to put on square - under square. Sharp features of the face are well formed rounded shape of the frame.
  7. A woman without a bag is an extremely suspicious person. Every woman should have a clutch for evening out, a small bag on the chain and a daytime business bag with a short and long handles.
  8. Daily care of yourself is not a luxury, but one of the forms of courtesy to yourself.
  9. Universal shoes - solid boats and blackHairpins. While shoes should not only be comfortable, but also elegant. Take the money set aside for a rainy day, and buy yourself new shoes. It is very likely that this day will never come.
  10. Elegance is harmony and measure. Better "under-" than "over-".
  11. Costume jewelry choose so that it was clear that this is it. If you do not try to give out what you want for reality, you can look chic even in the circle of women decorated with natural stones.
  12. You can not one year to teach a girl of femininity, but stockings will do it instantly.
  13. There are no massive legs, there are bad tights. There are no ugly women, there are bad hairdressers.
  14. In order to please a man, it is enough to wear a pencil skirt, low hairpins and stockings with an arrow aligned from behind.

Evelina Khromchenko gives very sensible advice. She believes that the beauty of women in its simplicity. Do not necessarily dress expensive to look stylish. The main thing is to have a taste, and then the whole world will be at your feet. Take these useful tricks into service!

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