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How to teach a child to be independent

Often At wrong education People grow up infantile and not ready for adulthood. They are used to the fact that everything has always been decided for them. And when the moment comes to make their own decisions, their lives start troubles.

So parents need to take care that their child learns to solve their problems without help. As you grow older, you must grow Children's autonomy, Because there will come a day when they will need to act only with their own strength and intelligence.

Tips for parents

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  1. The problem of the child needs to be solved together, instead of instead of it.
  2. Ask questions to the kid at least, than you offer ready answers. Asking questions, you are teaching the child Seek solutions. Suitable questions that require an independent solution: "What do you think is wrong now?", "What can be done to change the situation?", And "Why do you think this man did this?" The answers that the child finds himself are always wiser than the standard solutions imposed by others.
  3. Turn comments into entertainment. Do not tell the child, it's better to let him think about the topic of good and evil by reading a book or using your favorite toys. The child with the help of the plot will learn.
  4. Perceive the failure of the child patiently.
  5. Give the chance to learn from your mistakes. It happens that the child does not like the teacher because he is very demanding, or a classmate who constantly cranks. Parents are in a hurry to transfer their child to another class.

    But you need to understand that the child is on his wayWill meet many more difficult people and he needs to learn how to live in the same society with them. The child must develop tolerance and discretion, and parents can pass these tests with him.

  6. Do not protect the child from punishment. Everyone must learn to correct the results of their mistakes.
  7. Let the kid take responsibility. A child can not only find the right way, choose a fruit or clothes, he can also be an excellent adviser in solving adult problems. When we trust something for children, they learn to trust themselves. Responsibility and leadership qualities are formed at an early age.

Do not always patronize the child as helplessbeing. Because he, beginning with a small age, is already a person who must learn to make decisions. Parents should guide the child in the right direction and submit Correct example His child. By the way, it is proved that independent children are more developed and learn better.

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