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10 ways to extend the shelf life of products

We always feel sorry for throwing spoiled food out of the refrigerator, but this can be avoided. Below are 10 effective tips for storing foods that will help you significantly extend the period Their storage. Learn how to store potatoes, eggs, tomatoes and other products so that they stay fresh much longer!

Storage of products

  1. Onions and potatoes do not tolerate each other
    Onions and potatoes

    These two food products do not need to be stored together, because if they lie next to each other, the potatoes will deteriorate much faster.

  2. Faster throw rotten

    If you notice a rotten apple among good ones, it should be immediately discarded, otherwise it will infect other fruits.

  3. "Stainless"
    Sliced ​​fruit

    So that the sliced ​​fruit is not black, useGinger and lemon. Put fruit in a container and field them with lemon juice, mixed with crushed ginger. Let them soak in this liquid. After this procedure the taste will not change, and the fruit will remain fresh for a long time.

  4. Dress the greens

    Parsley, dill, basil, green onions and other greens will be stored much longer, if you wrap them with plastic wrap, fix it with an elastic band and put it in that form in the refrigerator.

  5. Decrystallization of honey
    We all know that you can store honey for a very long time. But what if it crystallizes? So that it becomes liquid again, place a container of honey in warm water.
  6. Onion in pantyhose
    Onion in pantyhose

    There is no better place for storing onions than pantyhose. They can store this product for up to 8 months.

  7. Cheese grease
    Cheese grease

    So that the cheese does not dry out, soak slices with butter.

  8. "Every cricket know your pole"
    Storage of products

    Each food product must be stored in its place.

  9. Eggs

    Eggs that are located on the middle shelf on the stand will store freshness for several weeks longer than those in the door.

  10. Tomatoes in paper bags

    If you store tomatoes in paper bags and in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, they will remain fresh several times longer.

Be sure to remember these tips, so you not only can extend the shelf life of food, but also save a lot of money on this.

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