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15 ideas for a picnic

What could be better than hiking in nature in the hot summer? This is a wonderful kind of recreation, which brings not only pleasure, but also much good. So the editors "so simple!" Prepared for you 15 original ideas for a picnic, which not only diversify your holiday, but also make your stay in nature unforgettable!

Ideas for a picnic

  1. This way of slicing a watermelon is ideal for outdoor recreation.
  2. watermelon

  3. Plastic cups - a convenient container for portioned salads, from which it is very convenient to eat.
  4. Salad in a glass

  5. Freeze balloons with water to cool drinks.
  6. Balloons with ice

  7. Stuff chocolate with strawberries to make a tasty and simple dessert for a picnic.
  8. Strawberry with chocolate

  9. Make an orange jelly and pour it into the peel from the oranges.
  10. Orange jelly

  11. Prepare apples in caramel.
  12. Apples in caramel

  13. Shish kebab from fruit - a wonderful alternative to meat shish kebab.
  14. Shish kebab of fruit

  15. Make the vegetables on the grill in the foil.
  16. grilled vegetables

  17. Freeze ice along with lemon slices.
  18. Ice with lemon

  19. With such supports, wine and glasses will never turn over.
  20. wine

  21. Or make such stands for soda.
  22. Coasters for soda

  23. Tie hot dogs so they do not fall apart.
  24. Hot Dog

  25. Do the same with sandwiches.
  26. Sandwiches

  27. Replace the usual sandwiches with such original canapes.
  28. Canape

  29. Attach the devices to the packages so that they are not lost.
  30. Devices with a package

Be sure to use these tips when you're going to nature. These tricks will help you make a real holiday out of the ordinary picnic. And tell your friends about these tips!