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Healthy eating habits

What are the rules for food? In the modern world, they are simply necessary, because under the pressure of advertising we are buying more and more harmful and unnecessary products. Learn about 12 Rules of healthy eating, Which will help you to become slim and restore immunity. Also, you will always be in good spirits and full of energy, changing your lifestyle according to these food standards.

How to eat properly


  1. Eat to live
    Food is not a goal, but a means to achieve satiety. Use only useful products to acquire the necessary physical and mental qualities. This will help you achieve a truly important goal for you.
  2. Appetite is a fiction
    Appetite is the result of a person's debauchery. Most animals eat only when they feel hungry. And a man spoiled by abundance has long been an exception to this rule of nature. In this situation, only self-control can help, which will soon free you from obsessive attachments.
  3. The juice of life
    Everyone knows that the human body consists ofwater. And on its quantity and quality depends the metabolism and not only. The necessary amount of water for a person is 30 ml per kilogram of weight. In the hot summer, water consumption can be increased.
  4. Solid and liquid food
    Saliva plays a very important role in the process ofDigestion. For a correct and complete digestion of solid food chew to the state of the liquid mixture with saliva. And liquid (milk, soups, borsch, compotes, teas, etc.) do not rush to swallow. First you need to mix the food with saliva.

    Do not drink water with water. It only dilutes the gastric juice and will not promote full digestion.

  5. Feel the taste of food
    Never rush to eat more. Food should remain in your mouth until you feel its taste. This allows you to get maximum taste sensations from the minimum of food. Using this technique, you can eat the third part of the usual amount of food. It will save you from overeating.
  6. The girl is eating a salad

  7. Concentrate on eating
    What is done without distraction,Is performed more qualitatively. Do not combine food with anything that distracts you. For example, when you eat, do not read, do not watch TV and all the more so do not work.
  8. Do not eat before bedtime
    Do not eat less than 3-4 hours before bedtime. The food is digested normally only while the person is moving. If there is before going to sleep, during sleep, the processes of vital activity slow down. This leads to stagnation and fermentation of food, an increase in the volume of the intestine and stomach, the occurrence of diseases of the digestive organs and restless sleep. In the morning because of this, it will be difficult for you to wake up.
  9. Do not force yourself!
    If you decide to change the usual diet,Then do it gradually, so that the body has time to restructure. Do not give up old habits at once with the help of prohibitions. This will not lead to anything good.
  10. Body cleansing
    For the sake of health it is necessary to performSpecial cleansing of the body. If you are allowed health, every week, complete fasting for at least 24 hours. During this period all the digestive organs are well resting, self-cleaning and restored. You can do this only under the guidance of a specialist, after going through a medical examination and receiving a consultation.
  11. You are what you eat
    The body is formed from the fact that in itArrives. Already many of us want to be healthy and feel good. It became really fashionable. Managing the diet, you can affect the formation of the body, the state of feelings, consciousness and even fate.
  12. Alkalization
    A lot of diseases arise because of a violation of the acid-base balance of the body. It can be changed with the help of food, which will help to shift the body's balance in the alkaline side.
  13. Individual approach
    Choosing a mode and a food allowance, consider allPrinciples of proper nutrition, but do not forget to focus primarily on good health. While always being guided by an intuitive sense of common sense.

These 12 Rules of proper nutrition Will help you to find ease, lose weight, feel better. They will act when they become your way of life.

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