/ Why a child wakes up at night

Why a child wakes up at night

Every parent once hoped that he would have an ideal child who would sleep peacefully all night. This happens very rarely.

But modern researchers assure young moms and dads that this is not necessarily bad, as many people think. Just need to be patient and survive this period with the baby.

Why the child wakes up at night

  1. Newborns require close contact.
    Human children are born before manyOther mammals, most of whom remain in the womb for another 9-18 months. So the baby requires constant closeness. When the child is in the arms of the mother, they have a close dialogue of bodies.
  2. Children have a shorter sleep cycle than adults.
    The adult's sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes, and in infants only 60. So it's no wonder that children wake up at night more often than adults.
  3. The child must wake up during the night.
    Professor Peter Fleming, who studies healthAnd the psychology of babies at Bristol University, says it's normal for a child to wake up at night. He believes: the idea that the night sleep of an infant should be continuous should be left in the last century. For children naturally a frequent awakening.

    "A newborn can not continuously sleeplong time. For him this is bad, and there is absolutely no evidence that there is benefit from prolonged and continuous sleep. I hope that many parents, whose children are sleeping badly, will be happy to know this ".

  4. Even adults do not sleep soundly all night.
    Professor of Psychology from the University of Notre Dame inUnited states d. Narvaes believes that an eight-hour sleep at night is not so useful. Even adults wake up several times during the night for a couple of seconds, forgetting about it for the morning. It is normal for a person to alternate awakening with short intervals of sleep. That's why it's so useful to sleep during the day.
  5. The child does not sleep

  6. You can not leave the child alone when he cries.
    The kid needs his parents to be calm. If an adult does not pay attention to children's crying, the child experiences severe stress, which in the future will result in serious problems.
  7. Children who wake up at night have a more stable mental health.
    Fleming and Narvaez found that children who do not sleep all night tend to have higher cognitive abilities and are more sensitive.
  8. Children should be near their parents.
    If we go back to the past, the children have alwaysTime in close and constant contact with the mother who carried them on her. If the child is with his mother all the time, the thought that he should sleep longer does not even arise. So children grow in most parts of the world.
  9. Joint sleep is a more common practice than you think.
    Many believe that it is wrong or strange when a child sleeps with their parents. But 90% of children sleep just like that, and more than half a million years it was considered the norm.

if The child wakes up at night, Then he must receive attention and care. You are not the first and not the last, who does not get enough sleep. This period needs to be experienced with the baby together.

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