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7 Ways to Get Rid of Insects

Unfortunately, flies, mosquitoes and other insectsAre an integral part of any temperate climate. However, their constant presence is not only irritating, but can also cause serious illnesses. If you are faced with the problem of the constant presence of annoying insects in your house - take action urgently. About how to quickly and cheaply get rid of such "neighbors", we will tell in our article.

How to get rid of insects

  1. Spray the vodka with the addition of a few drops of clove oil
    This is one of the best alternatives to expensive sprays,Which are stuffed with harmful chemistry. Spray a mixture of vodka and 10-15 drops of essential oil of lavender (or cloves) around a large cluster of mosquitoes, and your evenings in the fresh air will pass without annoying buzz.
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  2. Apple cider vinegar in a half-liter jar or glass
    One more budgetary way is,To pour the apple cider vinegar in a container, cover with a plastic wrap and pierce the top of the hole with a match or toothpick. Mosquitoes are afraid of apple cider vinegar and will not bother you.
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  3. A mixture of garlic, cinnamon and bitter pepper
    To prevent mosquitoes from entering the apartment, mix garlic powder, cinnamon and bitter pepper, a mound along the perimeter of the window frame. This will create an invisible barrier and will scare off insects.
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  4. Spray water with the addition of vinegar and essential oils
    This method works on the same principle asA sprayer with vodka, only it is nonalcoholic. Mix in equal proportions water and vinegar, add 15 drops of essential oil of mint, lemon, lavender, citronella or eucalyptus. Spray this mixture in places of large concentrations of mosquitoes. The smell of freshness and rest from annoying buzzing is provided!
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  5. Citronella and coconut oil will help get rid of flies
    Citronella has the property of scaring off flies. If 20-30 drops of this oil are mixed with 0.5 cups of coconut oil, a quiet evening is provided. Carefully mix the resulting mixture, disperse into small containers and spread throughout the apartment. Silence and grace!
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  6. Cotton balls, vanilla extract and mint
    Another laborious, but effective wayWill please you with its result. Take a shallow jar, put the cotton balls on the bottom and pour them on top with four tablespoons of vanilla extract. Put fresh mint leaves on top and tie the jar tightly with a jar. To make sure that this method is really so effective, put such a jar next to a handful of fresh berries or fruits, and not one midge will fly up to them.
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  7. Old, scratched cd will scare away flies in the daytime
    The method is fairly simple, cheap and effective,Although it seems strange at first glance. Hang old CDs near the porch or on a nearby tree. Pouring into the sun, they will scare away the flies.

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From mosquitoes can also be eliminated with the help of herbs. They can not only be grown on the windowsill, but also eaten.

Summer is really amazing and the mostLong-awaited time of the year. If you do not want annoying insects to spoil your rest and get on your nerves, use our advice and introduce your friends to them. Have a good time and have no worries!