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Rules of a wise man

"The greatest good in life is wisdom" - said the poet and playwright Gotthold lesding. Many seek to find it. Once it was believed that a wise man Is someone who has lived on earth for many years. But nowadays it often happens not so. Some people already in their young years had time to see this world and possess the qualities inherent in sages. Find out whether you are a wise person by reading these 12 rules.

Rules of wise people

  1. The wise man prefers to remain silent more than speak. And also act, guided by knowledge, without words.
  2. He strives for peace and harmony, long ago got rid of importance and self-righteousness.
  3. The sage does not take for himself other people's thoughts, the fruits of someone else's work and creativity.
  4. He is always ready to help any person and animal. The sage is clear and open.
  5. He is indifferent to fame and profit.
  6. A wise man never offends anyone and does not want evil, even in his thoughts.
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  8. A wise person is always at hand to have all the means for important matters. He knows how to calculate the situation in advance.
  9. Wise people follow the signs of fate. They also never miss an opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge they have gained.
  10. The sages take care of their health.
  11. A wise man in life does not have failures, there is only experience.
  12. In any situation sages are always looking for pros.
  13. A wise person carefully keeps three things: love, moderation and lack of desire to be the main thing.

These rules will help you educate yourself in wisdom and Reassess one's life. This is what it stands for, and then the world will be open to you!

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