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8 original stamps with your own hands

Probably all parents have ever facedA situation where one urgently needs to do something without the child's participation: to set the table for the guests, draw up an unscheduled report, prepare a dinner ... a child of 4-5 years old is quite capable of occupying himself.

In the course are games with cars, designers,Dolls, cubes and even watching cartoons. But what if all the familiar ways of entertainment are bored or the baby is still small for independent play? Try to show a little imagination and do it Original stamps with their own hands. Sure, the child will not even notice your absence!

Stamps for children

  1. If you have a lot of traffic jams from the wine, you can build from them not only original handicrafts, but also creative stamps.
  2. Stamps of plugs

  3. Dense cardboard with a light movement of the hand turns into a charming heart.
  4. Heart punch

  5. An example of the use of various fruits for decorating things.
  6. Stamp from apple

  7. Soaking a ball in white paint, you can get such "snowy" patterns.
  8. Rubber stamp

  9. Give a slice of lemon a little to dry up - and a beautiful stamp does not spread over the paper.
  10. Punch of lemon

  11. I would never have thought that with an easy gesture of the hand, you could turn Peking cabbage into a delicate rose.
  12. Cauliflower rose

  13. It's a simple matter: wrap a piece of wood with a thick thread or a matchbox - and the stamp is ready!
  14. Rubber stamp

  15. With an eraser and a clerical knife, you can make such a funny mustache!
  16. Rubber stamp

As you see, everything is brilliant - it's easy! Learn to find beauty even in ordinary things, create and share creative ideas with like-minded people. Let me read this article to your friends, let them also find out how quickly and without hassle Make stamps with your own hands!!