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Useful tips for home

Perfection knows no bounds! If you are engaged in home affairs thoughtfully and with inspiration, you can significantly Make one's life easier. Use the tricks that wereInvented by inventive housewives, is always useful, because with their help you can save not only the time spent on household matters, but also your own strengths.

These entertaining lifhakas will be useful to you both in routine affairs, and in unusual situations - get acquainted with the information that will help you Make life easier. Who would have thought that the marshmallow possesses such an action ...

Useful household advice

  1. To keep the cheese longer, cut a little butter. With it, cheese wrapped in a package will never be covered with mold in the refrigerator.
    blue cheese
  2. Thick plastic is very convenient to cut with a can opener! I will do it now only so ...
    Cannery key
  3. With the help of long macaroni it is easy to light candles.
    Pasta and candle
  4. Ointment "vororab" or a similar warming ointment will help you to save your pet from scratching the wounds. Smear ointment is a problem place, and the animal will not lick it.
  5. A couple of drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar will prolong the life of flowers in the vase for a noticeable period.
    blue flowers
  6. A large spoon easily opens the jars with unaffordable, tight lids. Poddene edge with a spoon - and you're done!
    Open the jar with a spoon
  7. Mix vinegar and fabric conditioner, spray this mixture on clothes from the sprayer. Crumpled things do not have to be ironed - they will even out and become soft.
    How to level clothes
  8. sore throat? Eat marshmallow! Gelatin calms the sore throat and relieves pain. Mmm ...
  9. Used tea bags can be used as compresses after sunburn. Immediately it becomes easier!
    Used tea bags
  10. Do you want music from the phone to sound louder? Amplify the sound by putting the gadget in a bowl or cup.
    Phone in a bowl
  11. A trash can in the car is necessary! Use a closing plastic container (for example, from a cereal) for this purpose.
    Trash can in the car
  12. Here's how the moon manicure is done! perfect solution.
    Moon manicure

    Moon manicure

  13. Burn shock from the burn is removed with the help of mustard. Sprinkle the damaged area, and it will not bother you so much.
    Hand on the teapot
  14. A roller with adhesive tape will help to get dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places.
    Cushion with adhesive tape
  15. A solution for lenses is an excellent remedy that will return the dried mascara to life. I'll try right now ...
    Lens solution
  16. Modification of conventional hooks. Do not forget to break off the necessary part from the tins before you throw it away.
  17. Divorce from water and traces of cups on the surface of wooden furniture can be masked with the help of mayonnaise. Acts instantly!
    Water splashing
  18. Oil the candlestick with oil, before putting the candle there, - the wax will not stick, everything will look neat.

I'm delighted with Council No. 15 - I wonder howDid someone get such an idea? Little tricks will never interfere, is informed - that means, armed. Translate your everyday life to a new level, using Recommendations smart wives. Even small, routine things should be fun ...

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