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Cold and hot shower

about Use of contrasting shower Vied with doctors of variousSpecializations. It's not surprising: 30 with under invigorating streams of cold water every morning can literally revive the body and push it to actively fight against viruses and infections.

"so simple!" Offers to understand in detail: what is the secret of such a beneficial influence of the contrasting soul on our health.

cold and hot shower

cold and hot shower

  1. Tones the mind.
    The sensation on the skin of ice drops of water after hot plunges into a real shock! You take a deep breath (a natural physiological reaction), so Oxygen level In the blood rises sharply. Blood carries the oxygen, so necessary for effective and fruitful work, to the brain. Clarity of thoughts for the whole day!
  2. Heals the skin and hair.
    Hot water drains the skin of the body and face. On the contrary, the cold, on the contrary, helps to strengthen, increase the tone and Improvement of skin color.

    For hair, the action of hot is not less harmful: They quickly become fat at the roots, cold water enhances the shine of the hair and closes the pores of the scalp, preventing the ingress of dirt into them. An invigorating procedure promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair.

  3. Increases immunity.
    30 with a contrast shower cause bloodCirculate faster, which has a positive effect on metabolic processes. The body quickly copes with the excretion of waste products, increases the production of white blood cells and successfully fights against various forms of the flu virus and the common cold.

    The contrast shower normalizes the thermoregulation of the body. All this in a complex - a strong immune system.

  4. Promotes weight loss.
    Unexpectedly, a cold shower leads toWeight loss! Again, thanks to the acceleration of metabolic processes. Jets of cold water, directed to problem areas within 30 seconds, help to effectively combat Cellulite. Their mild effect can remove puffiness, and causes the body to begin actively burning subcutaneous fat. Especially effectively with a contrast shower to complete the massage procedure.
  5. Relieves muscle pain.
    To prevent muscle pain after intensive training, take cold and hot shower And intensively rub the body with a towel orMitt. This will help to quickly remove their muscle lactic acid, which leads to pain. This method is used by many professional athletes.
  6. Helps to withstand stress.
    Taking in the morning a contrast shower, you strengthen the nervous system to withstand stress and negative emotions. there is healthy mind in a healthy body!
  7. Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
    Alternating expansions and contractions of the walls of the vessels act like gymnastics for our vessels. As a result of the procedure Vessel walls Cleaned and strengthened, which is the prevention of varicose veins. Contrast shower tones the heart muscle, eliminates arrhythmia and normalizes blood pressure.

To the procedure of a contrast shower should be treated with caution by anyone who has any Inflammatory processes In the body, for example, angina or cystitis, cancer, cold allergy. Also, one should not take a cold shower during a flu illness and with chronic hypertension.

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