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How to wash the hood

One of the most problematic places in the kitchen during theAnd there was, and still is, an extract. The fat that accumulates on it is almost impossible to clean with usual cleaning and cleaning agents, but all because when it comes to cleaning, we always forget about the old grandmother's remedy - baking soda.

"so simple!" Has prepared a council that will save you the torment. Now your hood will always shine with purity!

How to wash the hood

You will need

  • hot water
  • soda


  1. First bring to a boil the water in a large saucepan. Then pour into it on a teaspoon about half a glass of soda. Then put the filters from the hood into the boiling water. Fat will come down in a matter of minutes.
  2. Then wash the filters with running water. If the fat was obsolete, you may need to repeat the procedure with soda.
    How to wash the hood

    How to wash the hood

  3. If the fat is so full that this solutionWash it failed, put the filters in hot water with ammonia (1/2 cup of ammonia per 3.5 liters of water). But do not forget to open the windows, and it's better to cover your nose with something.
    How to wash the hood

ideally Clean hood - this is not a myth! Knowing this simple but very effective method of cleaning, you can give Cleaning in the kitchen Much less time than you do it usually!

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