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Scythe of Princess Jasmine

All girls in their childhood dream of being beautifulPrincesses: lush dresses, long hair, royal hairstyles ... do you want your little one to look like a princess? Spit her braid, like a jasmin from the cartoon "aladdin"!

Such a Three-dimensional hairdo Can be made not only from thick and thick, but also from Thin hair. All that you need is a flat iron. Let's get started!

Elegant hairstyle for girls

  1. Clean clean hair and dry hair. Then corrugate each strand along the entire length. Start from the bottom of the head and move up.
  2. Hairstyle for girls

  3. Baby hair is tender enough, so ironingKeep no more than 2-3 seconds, so as not to damage their structure. Before corrugating, in no case do not apply foam or varnish for laying, it is only possible to use a thermal protective agent.
  4. Hairstyle for girls

  5. Gently comb hair comb with rare denticles. Make a high tail.
  6. Hairstyle for girls

    Hairstyle for girls

  7. Select two strands on both sides.
  8. Hairstyle for girls

  9. Tie them with an elastic band, without tightening it very much.
  10. Hairstyle for girls

  11. Then from underneath again take two side strands and again tie them with an elastic band. So repeat until the length of the hair allows.
  12. Spit princess jasmine

  13. The finished braid is slightly stretched in different directions to give it volume. Then sprinkle a little with lacquer. From the tip of the hair, make a neat brush, which also fix the varnish.
  14. Spit princess jasmine

This original hairstyle is suitable even forThe most solemn occasion and make the girl simply delicious! If your friends have daughters or sisters - tell them about this article. Surely our advice will come in handy!